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KP  2019 Man of The Year Candidate @leukemialymphomasociety #MWOY Join my team | Donate to my fundraiser below 💌

I’m jealous of this guy right now.. 3 weeks ago in Maui, probably 50+ sea turtles were in this spot. 🙌🏼

UNREAL 🙏🏻 #WCW @oceanramsey

BADASS video from @theseabreacher! It got featured today by @gopro 💪🏼 Congrats Rob, @norcaljetovator & @joeybrahh!! #goprohero7

Plastic surgery went well. 💪🏼

I couldn’t ever see this coming, but I was extremely honored to be nominated for Man of the Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) This spring (from March 2nd until May 11th), I will be raising as much money as I can to help this incredible organization.

Cancer affects everyone, and this campaign will be devoted to those who fight this vicious disease and the loved ones who support them. Together, I know we can make a big difference. I am currently putting together my team to help me along the way. Who wants to help fight for the cause with me?
For more info:
💌 Rocketsharksocial@gmail.com

Happy New Years! First attempt went well.. 🍾🤣🎉🍾🤣🎉🍾🤣🎉🍾🤣🎉

Life passes most people by while they are making grand plans for it. #PullTheTrigger #LIVE

Cotton-headed-ninny-muggins. ✨ @danbuildsitall @strongerone

Throwback to an epic weekend. She’s back in PDX this weekend, what to get into?... 🤔 @jennalenoreswift 👊🏼

Adult-Onset ADD: Adventure Deficit Disorder 🤘🏼 Maui to Molokai! #AirMAUI Swipe ⏪

What are your goals before we hit 2019?

Let's crush them! 👊🏻

Caught the Maui sunrise, and that’s about all we caught. 😏🐡⚓️