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KP  I like to blow shit up, the Michael Bay of Digital Marketing. 💥 @rocketsharksocial 💥 Social Media Management

If your friends don’t motivate you.... You need new friends. 🙌🏼 This asshole friend of mine @andyyashar just made it in @forbes this week as well as launching his first app on the AppStore. 💸 @the.dailyleaf @sageyes @foretwentysports @warrenbobrow


Who’s idea was it to let me have a rental Gallardo?.. #GotTheInsurance #Vegas #BurnAllMoney

The square root of happiness is high caliber rifles. 👍🏼

I rented this Hooker. ☝🏼

Time is money and doin’ nothing is an expensive choice! 🕑💸 (Vegas is expensive too...)

Always on vacation. ☀️

6,500 ft. lunch. 🌤