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my b  I made a new quiz lmao


these are soooo comfy

#succesful day @ durbey got some @lululemon s and a @underarmour sweatshirt 😂 also some @converse and some @Nike socks!!

there actually moms but she just got her hip replaced so she can't wear em, but I'm getting some tommrow!!

New lulus

Quicker than usual

Mi madre out of surgery yaahh

flexxiiinn so she remembers how strong I am

moms getting her hip done tomorrow so naturally I have to take her phone and take a lot of pics so she can remember me when she's all loopy

Okay so rant: I've had my gels since Christmas. Today I went and got them done again I told someone in my class that I did it and they were like "ooh your nails must be so gross underneath all that crap" and I was like, um? Who says that first of all and second of all my nails are healthier and stronger than ever so don't even say that. Gels are only bad if you peel them off acrylics ruin your nails because they use glue this is actual polish just cured by light. If you read this far love ya and if you hate beauty/ are a boy oops


Actual convo I had

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