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Mason  HHS '18 | Rhapsody in Blue

Dear Laney,

To someone I never thought I would end up loving like this. Our story started long ago grow up from young ones. As we grew older we took our own paths and started new journeys. But with determination for me to be with you our worlds collided... hard. We were joyful and happy at the beginning of our relationship. Everything was magical and couldn’t wait for the next time we spent with one another... then I took that for granted.. I didnt think of how rare your love was. How uncomfortable the feeling was. We progressively started our downfall.. going on only a short 8 months.. but was the best 8 months to me... I caused the downfall and I was to blame for many of our disagreements. I started to be happy with being average and not being to energy filled person i used to be. The man who was fully loving and caring for everyone. The man who would let nothing stop him from making you happy. The man... you fell in love with... Im sorry.. with all the stress that added to the severe 4 year long depression and 2 year long of anxiety I collapsed... failed not only myself but you. Im sorry the burden you carry now is because of my wrong doings. Im sorry i broke your trust and your faith in me. Im sorry I began to give up... the songs you sent I should have payed attention to the deeper meaning. The song “ good old days “ ... its been on replay every night since.... I was wild and free at the beginning and the stress of life hit harder than a semi truck. We still had our good ole days here and there but i want that now... I want the good days.. not good OLD days. Just the good days. And I guess the stress and life and everything with us that we though we pushed through to make us stronger brought us to our knees... broke us down. Pulled us apart. And in the words of that song.. i didnt know what i had til it was gone... so Laney McKenna Brann with all I have good and behalf of the true manners that Michael Pendergest taught me... I Love You. I love you more than anyone Ive ever loved. I want to spend my life til my last breath with you. I want to have your dream of going to Bora Bora and I want you to be happy... I want to have all the Siberian husky puppies

Senior Sunday? 😄

A bitter sweet, being in my LAST homecoming parade. But man I got to say I love my city 💙


Don't forget to smile :)

Happy Murica Day

Happy National Brothers Day

Big plans for Convict this summer

New bumper and fenders flares for the Convict

Jeeper Mase

Crystal Classic was amazing! Rhapsody in Blue made history making finals and placing 4th ! Im so proud of my Rhapsody family!!


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