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Corey :: easy home decor tips 

Meet my least favorite thing in our kitchen... our pantry. Then say goodbye to it real quick because today is the day we’re ripping this sucker out and putting in a built in pantry that will match our existing IKEA cabinetry! -
I’ll be on Insta stories to you show you exactly what we’re doing and all the hiccups we run into along way...I know there will be plenty.
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Sunday afternoon vibes... A much deserved break after a busy week and his best bud sleeping over last night. Love how All the toys were out, then put away so easily to make room for his friend! Form and function for the win!

I don’t think beautiful homes should be reserved just for people who can afford an interior designer. In fact, I think you’re the best person for the job.

But with so many choices out there it can be really overwhelming to make any progress towards the home you want which is why am so excited to announce that enrollment for my course, Style Your Way Home, is open for enrollment now (and at an early bird price till Monday, Sept. 17.) This course is for you if...
*You want to create a beautiful and cohesive look in your home.
*You feel overwhelmed with making decorating decisions and feel like there are just too many choices.
*You waste a lot of time and money buying and returning decor that doesn’t work out.
*You’re ready to finally create a whole home decor plan that will illuminate the overwhelm.

Learn more by clicking the link in my bio or at >> www.heytherehome.com/enroll
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Happy Sunday! The kids and I are preparing a fancy dinner 🍽️ for my mom and dad and mom-in-law for grandparent's day today and things are about to get messy in here! But what's life without a lot of messes right?
We don't usually do much for this holiday, but this year the kids really wanted to "wait on Uma and Grandpa" and it makes me proud that they want to make them feel special. 💗

Do you ever do anything for grandparent's day?

I sent out an email the other day that was a bit more personal than ones I normally send out. I talked about the reason I put so much time & effort into making my home look and feel amazing. I explained that the real reason has everything to do with the life I want to live and that I’ve had to get over the idea that having a beautiful home is somehow shallow.
The way your home looks affects the way you live and I’m a better wife, mother, and overall a better me in an environment that inspires me, that I can relax in, and that we love to be in -- nothing about that is superficial!
But what really shocked me was the amount of people who responded back to let me know that they agree! They also want to create a beautiful home for themselves and for their family. Some even shared that it helped them realize they don’t want to put off the home they’ve been dreaming of any longer. And I couldn’t agree more.
You should love the home you’re in right now -- not in five years, not your next “forever” home, the one you live in right now.
It was an eye opener for me because honestly, I’ve considered the fact that sharing home decor could make me seem shallow, so putting it out there that I don’t think it is at all a superficial thing was hard for me. But I saw how much power there is in sharing my story so I’m making more effort to do that here!
The fact is, I’m completely self-taught, I don’t have a degree in interior design. But I absolutely love it and as a former teacher I love to break down concepts into easy to follow steps for you so you can get the same results. I really just want to be the bridge between the home you dream of creating and actually making it come to life.
In a big effort to get a little more vulnerable, I’ll be over on FB LIVE every day next week (starting Monday 9/10) at 9 am Pacific to share some of the big lessons I’ve learned that have helped me decorate and create a cohesive home without all the indecision and overwhelm. Being on camera live is a big step for me but I’m excited to get to know you better and have you watch me stumble through it! Give me a 👍🏻 if you’re all about stepping outside of your comfort zone!

How long are projects on your to-do list before you actually get to them? Capping this half wall has been something I've wanted to do since we remodeled our kitchen about 8 years ago and it's finally done! #mywestelm

Where is the best place to start when it comes to creating a home you love? It's a question I get all the time and my answer may surprise you. You shouldn't start by thinking about your style, but instead think about the function of each space first. I'm guiding you through the 3 steps to design a room that functions exactly the way you need it to on the blog and even have a printable guide and worksheet to help you work through the steps. Follow the link in my profile to head straight to the post or go to heytherehome.com/blog. 📷 @kambria_fischer_photo

Current view... first little trip of summer in Palm Springs! 🌴💦👙☀️ 🌵

Feel like we just got our act together and have a good routine going to get this room picked up before bedtime just in time for summer to start and for all hell to break loose! But it’s gonna be fun and full of creativity so I’ll take it! ☀️

Been putting the finishing touches on my talk for Craft + Commerce later this month in Boise and getting excited for all the amazing people @convertkit puts together! 📷 by @kambria_fischer_photo

Been working on ways to add color and style to the kitchen using things that you use regularly in there and I’m loving the results!

Today’s win consisted of teaching my 5 year old to dust so he can add it to his list of extra responsibilities and he thought it was fun! Shhhh... don’t tell him the truth. We started giving our kiddos extra responsibilities that they do for pay beyond their list of chores that they do cause we’re a team and it’s been a great lesson for them to save up for things they want. Tell me...Do you pay your kids for chores at all?

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