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Haven't done one of these in a while 😳 This song is so beautiful. I can listen to it over and over again. Singing it for the sake of its melody and flow, not because these are my personal feelings... @leon is a beast! Go girl! X #stillwaitingforsomeonetosingwithme #ineedtojam

What a Sunday. I am still buzzing from such a wonderful day in my favourite city with my favourite people. Loved worshipping Jesus and spending time with my family and friends. Love you @groundswellchurch, see you soon x

Okay Instagram Friends! I found this at the Salvation Army and immediately thought it was a pour over kettle. But I could be wrong. HELP ME! Thanks :) k bye.

Real Talk: Most of my life I lived in fear. I feared people's opinions whether they were valid or not, constantly falling into a vicious cycle of comparison and self-hatred. I've had to be reduced to nothing to come to the realization that He is my only source. Source of my strength, source of my peace and source of my worth. This is a continuous battle in my mind, but in the end it comes back to His mercy, His grace and His love. In Him, you and I are enough and we are so loved. 📷: @wearitgoes

Ready to get this show on the road. If you didn't know, my brother and I are launching an online thrift store @theonethirtynine . So excited to see what will come out of a small dream. Follow us though 💁🏻 #the139 📷: @wearitgoes

Don't ask me how it happened, but I'm wearing colour. I borrowed this beautiful Salvation Army jacket from my mom's closet. You can't quite see it, but on the left hand pocket there's a humble patch with a trillium and underneath it reads Ontario, Canada. I love this country greatly. May God keep our land glorious and free, from sea to sea. #canada150

They wanted to take their jackets off 💁🏻

Some of the coolest kids on the block 😎 #bemymodels

I am so very proud of my culture and the value it places on girls when they're coming of age. More than just a party, you publicly tell your friends and family that they are to keep you accountable in your actions and your intentions. You're reminded to never let go of God and to keep Him as your closest companion for life. You promise to keep yourself for His plan and purposes and strive to be like Him every day. It's more than just a party, it's a statement. Love you, Gaby! Thanks for letting me shoot your big day and for being a pretty cool niece, I am so proud of you 💙

Today I'm grateful for the people who believe in my dreams, encourage me to keep going, love me in my mess, push me to greater things and lend me their helping hands. You know who you are ❤️

When your friends let you have free reign with their outfits and you wish you could be that cool. ALSO I'm having way too much fun imagining what can be done with the thrifted clothing we accumulated for you. Everything, minus the sandals, was thrifted and will be available for purchase @theonethirtynine !! We're coming for you :) oh and if you could follow us on insta that'd be awesome! #the139

I'm going to dream about Crystal Cove with its' beaches, cabins and palm trees. #stairwaytoheaven #ilycali🌵

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