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Nitika  Yoga instructor & perpetual student | Eco-friendly Organizationalist | Baker of gluten-free sweets & treats. TrueGritYoga.com


The beginning of this month marked the summer season wind down breezing its way into autumnal equinox. Teachers and students going back to school, and our gardens produce less fruit to make way for the planting of seasonal greens. And September is National Yoga Month! Let's celebrate! If you know of any yogi events coming up please share with me. If you're new to yoga or getting back into practice today is a great time to start. The benefits of yoga are sooo plentiful (way too many to list here) and the options of how you can practice are almost as abundant. Crib notes: Step 1 breath deeply. Step 2 observe how you speak to yourself. Step 3 seek out meditation and yoga techniques on how to keep those conversations positive and uplifting. Seriously this stuff works! My weekly schedule for the fall: Tuesdays 6:45am @baresoulyoga & 5:30pm @projectyogarichmond Thursdays 8 week session of @yogaforarthritis @projectyogarichmond; 1 space left. See you here or at #yogaonthemall DC! 📷@mcabbottstudios

"You can't control the occurrence of pressure and irritation in life. You can choose how to respond." I have a long list of tools that help me deal with my stuff. When life gives you grit how do you cope? Meditation is near the top of my list along with some other failsafes. The black mala bracelet I'm wearing is made of lava stone and is very porous. When I'm in my feelings I drop special essential oil blends on the stones and let the scent waft up to my brain and seep into my bloodstream through the meridians on the wrist. Immersing myself in a good ole yoga festival is pretty high on the list too. This weekend I'm headed to @floydyogajam to build with my yoga family. If you'll be there come yoga with me and special guest DJ @mightyjoshua! Need tickets, hit me up for a mega discount. #truegrityoga #diamondsandpearls

Sometimes we get sprinkled with blessings and other times we do the hard work of being prepared. This weekend has been a mix of both. @mightyjoshua & The Zion #5 played several shows during the Rockn to Lockn trials and earned a slot at THE @locknfestival by popular demand. This experience was nothing short of spectacular. Many thanks to organizers Peter, Dave & Cynthia, their tireless crew and soo many others who put this weekend high up on my list of 'Best Of's' this summer!

The sweet sweet surrender into relaxation that happens after purging the useless thoughts from the mind and burning off restless energy in the body. Ahhhh✨

Find me here every week: 
Tues 6:45a @baresoulyoga
Tues 5:30p @projectyogarichmond
Weds 7:30p @integralyogarichmond
Thurs 6:45p @baresoulyoga

Get in the new moon state of mind with 11am yoga practice centered around the Moon Salutation. Later, settle down for the New Moon meditation with @sydtheyogini.
See you in the morning at @baresoulyoga located inside @saadiasjuicebox.

Throw back to 21 days ago on a beautiful day spent in the fickle late summer weather of Amsterdam. We tucked into this beautiful tunnel for a break from the raindrops. #tbt

We're home! Travel is one of my most prized experiences. Of course I'm glad to be back in VA in familiar surroundings but I sure did enjoy shaking things up and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. I had soo many experience to share. I met loads of beautiful people, conversed in different languages, saw sights that many have seen in books, and ate lots of good food. Just before taking this picture I'd enjoyed delicious treats at @maisonLaduree. My belly is full with the epitome of French Macrons, coffee drinks and chocolate from the heavens. What you can't see in this picture are the swarms of people in the courtyard enjoying the sun, feet in the pond, laughing with friends and staring at us. What's more, the weather was virtually perfect! After all the trains, planes and automobiles my body needs some tlc and I'm looking forward to unrolling my yoga mat with you guys.
This weeks schedule: 
Tues 6:45a @baresoulyoga
Tues 5:30p @projectyogarichmond ***NEW WEEKLY CLASS***
Weds 7:30p @integralyogarva
Thurs 6:45p @baresoulyoga
Friday 5:15p @baresoulyoga
Sun  11:00a @baresoulyoga
***New Moon Celebration***
Come see me with welcome home hugs!

Anytime spent with my best friend and partner in all things is a good-time. We got lost in Paris and found ourselves in exploration. The petite tables welcomed us with full drinks and delicious foods. The streets are awash with culture and a feel that is uniquely Paris. Everyone who we've met has been friendly and forgiving when my French language skills fell short. Enjoying the freedom of a loose time table and getting there when we get there. Today we hit the Louvre Museum and the oldest parts of the city. Living for the moment and loving it!

Amsterdam is an interesting city to visit. The streets are narrow but have lanes for bicycles, cars and a tram system to share. Each sidewalk is teaming with pedestrians from everywhere. The energy bustles but no one is in too much of a rush. The culture is a melting pot of colonization. The gluten free and vegan food is yummy. The coffee is strong.

See why it's called the city of bicycles. Cyclists have their own lane and won't hesitate to run your tail over if a pedestrian is in the way.

How do you control your emotions or do you let them flow at will? 
In mythological tales Neptune has the reputation of a violent temper and causing earthquakes with his emotions. I’m smiling in this picture but that isn’t always the case. Left unchecked my mind would wax or wane like the moon and spiral in response to the people of the world. When I get caught up in a situation or overpowered with feeling I eventually remember (or reminded by a friend) that deepening my breath can set me free. Releasing the constriction on the airflow helps to adjust where needed and ride the waves of things I can’t change.
I’m thankful to have lots of projects come to life all at the same time. Even in this gratitude I’m feeling overwhelmed. The to-do list is long and time is speeding by faster than I can check things off. I wanted to share this thought with you all and clear my head for a moment.
Tonights 6:45pm class at @baresoulyoga will be one of my last local sessions for a few weeks as I take off into adventure. I’m sharing yoga with what is sure to be a great group of military service members then head to @Shensara Festival. Next week I’ll be headed out of the country for a mix of work, play and celebration. I’ll be using Instastories if you want to follow along.  When I return I’ll have a few new opportunities for us to commune in mediation and body movement. Enjoy the moments until then my friends!
Sculpture by: Paul DiPasquale

How'd you start your day? I love to rise with the sun and absorb its rays, warm the breath with movement and stretch the body. Thanks to @projectyogarichmond for providing so many ways for our community to experience the magic of yoga. Lovely class @onedropyoga! Always good to practice alongside @dana___walters @yogreeni_rva and my other PYR fam!

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