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8 years. I’ve lived here 8 years. 57 days to go. 😢 #fuckgentrification #oakland #dontevictmebro

Currently on the road to our home-away-from-home, BRC 💙 come say hello at CAMP NORMAL STUFF 👋 Our location is so secret, even we don’t know it yet 👀 so just come find us, or say hi if you happen to pass us while exploring the city✌️

Well, I may have had 3 bikes, a bike trailer, a cordless drill, hardware, and all our garden tools stolen from our backyard this morning; but today is still the BEST DAY EVER because ⚡️OUR COLORFUL STICKERS ARE HERE!!!⚡️Thank you to everyone who has supported our project already ❤️ and if you’re just joining us, head over to @IBIYclub if you want some of these cuties for yourself. We put 100% of sales back into the project & our only mission is spreading the good word ✌️ #IBelieveInYou #IBIYclub

👀 The sneakiest peek at our upcoming @IBIYclub + @rainbowsymphony collab ⚡️🌈✨ I wasn’t gonna show any of this until we actually nailed down the final design, but I’m really bad at keeping secrets and the light in our living room today is too pretty to keep to myself. 🤷‍♀️#IBIYclub

✨ bathe me in the crystal light ✨

Already packing up #IBIYproject #IBIYclub sticker orders from today! 😊 We are putting 100% of the sales back into the project. Current goal: have 5-7 more colors made with the money we raise. ⁣

PRICES: 3 for $2, 8 for $5, 20 for $10, or 50 for $20. If you contribute $10 or more, you’ll get a package with 2 of each color once we complete our goal ✌️💌⁣

DETAILS: • vinyl • weatherproof • 2” square • locally printed in Oakland CA • USA shipping included • web store coming soon but for now DM me or @jpegjane ⁣😘


@jpegjane and I are trying to do a baby fundraiser to help us have #ibiyproject stickers made in EVERY SINGLE COLOR!! ⚡️⚡️ We’ve got lots of ideas for the future, too (murals, wheatpasting, pins, screen prints, shirts, etc.) but we have to start small... and we’re starting here. This project isn’t about us making money, but we need to raise money in order to be able to afford to continue spreading this message. If you want a sticker (or 2, 5, 10, 100?!) please leave a comment here and let us know what you think a fair price is for these 2x2” vinyl (weatherproof) stickers. We’re trying to find a good price that is A) reasonable and B) can help us fund taking this project further. We would love your input 💕 ⁣

Thank you 🙏 (also P.S. while the original stickers were great, I am so glad I’m no longer hand screen printing them at home 3 at a time 😜) #IBIYclub

I’m overdue to screenprint more #IBIYproject #IBIYclub stickers! Any color requests?

Friendly reminder 😊✌️ #IBIYproject #IBIYclub

O is for Overthinking (which I do constantly) when all you really need to do is play with some dollar store modeling clay and make yourself an inter-dimensional donut (which I need to do more often!) #36daysoftype

I just knew that my nickel collection would come in handy someday! Take that, haters 😉 #36daysoftype

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