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Sarah Palmer  A photographer who likes to make stuff. I BELIEVE IN YOU ➡️ @IBIYclub. Proud parent of @magneticpuppy. Represented by @tinkerstreet

Is it just me or is Salvation Mountain giving off strong @davidshrigley vibes? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Also: No big deal but I think this photo describes my entire personality better than anything ever has or ever will. #PleaseKeepOff

I know I’m wayyy behind the times, but I tried the HUJI app last night for the first time and I kinda dig it! TBH I miss the days when we were all a little more playful & carefree on Instagram.

Stairway to heaven 🙌

Ride or Die ✌️🖤

7 days left here in this home. Was packing up my art books and found a rainbow highlighting “The Difficulties of Nonsense” — well played, universe 👌

Not gonna lie, I’m just posting this last one so it’ll look cool on my grid. 👩‍🎤

ups & downs

⚡️Saturday night⚡️

Feeling pre-nostalgic about my magic window 😭

So, I haven’t been posting lately. We’re losing our home in 33 days. We can’t afford anything else in the Bay Area, so I guess we’re just going to float around for a while. I’ve also spent like 70% of my damn time in this bed the past 5 weeks after a really bad injury to my ankle & Achilles. Have barely been able to walk. Finally took my ankle boot off and downgraded to a stiff brace so I could walk two days ago, and now I’m back in bed with the flu. My friends are struggling. Women everywhere are struggling. The United States is falling apart. It feels like life itself is falling apart. So while I wish I had more colorful, crafty, creative things to share with y’all these days... I’m sorry friends... I’m tapped out. Catch you on the flippity-flip. ✌️

8 years. I’ve lived here 8 years. 57 days to go. 😢 #fuckgentrification #oakland #dontevictmebro

Currently on the road to our home-away-from-home, BRC 💙 come say hello at CAMP NORMAL STUFF 👋 Our location is so secret, even we don’t know it yet 👀 so just come find us, or say hi if you happen to pass us while exploring the city✌️

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