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The voices are back, and I can’t breath. A battle that I thought I had won, but a war has amassed and I don’t think I’m winning.

I keep looking for the good, when I should have been looking for the truth. I felt as if we could do no wrong, when everything that felt right was really wrong the whole time. I expanded into the abyss and only came back more lost. My thoughts are unclear and my heart broken. How did I become this blind? I am here just trying to put the pieces back together, maybe I am afraid to be alone.

I can't breath anymore, I feel the tears looming into my vision. You told me I could trust you, I don't know how much longer I can smile for. The sight of you lying to yourself with a smile on your face, makes my veins run cold. You told me everything will be alright, yet I see under that smile. You're screaming, screaming for help. Please tell me the truth, help me breath. #breath #help #cold

You promised me you wouldn't lie to me, to us. You think it's ok to mess with the heartstrings of multiple people? You were the snake in the grass, but Karma was the serpent in the weeds. You left your venom in the hearts of the people that loved you, and now you have nothing. Retreat back into the grass snake, where Karma has put her trap. For now you have nothing, just remember you lied.

I am drowning, and I have been for years. I look through the tide and see everyone staring, but no one jumping. I keeping swimming up but the weight keeps me chained. I need help because I don't have much air left, I am drowning. . .

Lonely, is what I perceive
Loving, is what I display
Hopeful, is what I remain

One more puff, I swear just one more puff. That's what I tell myself every time I look upon the stars with a tear running down my cheek, waiting for you to tell me enough. So I just look up and blow the smoke that is between my lips, hoping one day to hear, enough...

I keep smiling, laughing, and joking to keep everyone around me happy. Then I look in the mirror and I see nothing, I feel nothing, but I think about long ago and just barely remember what it's like to feel emotion. But it's ok, I'm ok. . .

Depression, anxiety, and stress are all a normal part of our lives. No amount of medication can stop these ways of life. One day everything will be alright, but you have to keep going.

I go to work and I think about you, I drive and I think about you, I come home and think about you. I close my eyes and I dream about you. My mind tells me your gone, but my heart tells me you're here. I can't see you, but I can feel you. You have gone somewhere that I cannot. I know one day we will explore oblivion, together…

I normally don't post selfies, but I just wanted to show off my new tattoo 💚💙 thank you @wolfsfineline for doing a great job and a shout out to @13djtatz Dusty my artist!

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