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Nekohime 🐱  22 • stay bright 🌻

Happy last day of y2s2!!! I still have 2 deadlines and 3 finals!!! But let’s celebrate the little achievements yeh!!!! 🎉

Mission #hellweektreats for the 3rd semester in a row yay nothing makes me happier than baking for friends!!! 🍪🍪🙆🏻‍♀️

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak melawan?

Have you ever seen a more good-looking group of directors

Happy mid-recess week. It’s probably about time you get your shit tgt. You’re welcome

Joining dikir barat was one of the best decisions i ever made in nus 🤪🙆🏻‍♀️

I really wanted to show you my pink shoes 👟

Sometimes i wonder why i’m so involved in school and i realised it’s because extra-curriculars are the only way for me to feel like my youth isn’t escaping me 🙂🎊

Remember the pants i wore on the first day of school? Ya i got them in 3 colours here they are in blue 🤪

Riang Ria last weekend was chill 🤙🏻🌴

These pictures are deceiving because i’m actually holding back puke after going on the Jumper Jumper ride 10/10 would not recommend if u r prone to motion sickness like me 🤢🤧

Starting off yet another sem with bell bottoms and bell sleeves to wreck the bell curve!!!! YES i recycled my caption from y1s1, and what about it?

I look way too happy for the fact that it’s the first day of school lol but speaking of, i’ll be taking over @pbmuks’s instastories later this week so if you’d like to see me (fail at) vlogging in malay, head over and follow them now 😛

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