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Part 3 : The weather is getting a little warmer but still a light breeze will make your cheeks tingle. We had the chicken pot pie here today and shortly after this picture was taken 2 people sat down with their puppy 🐶 that made a dash for Dan’s pot pie but failed cause owner was fast! See my insta stories for that puppy. It was dining al fresco on the bench too 🤣 #sydneylocal

Part 2 : “Loose Leaf Literature Main Theme Song” composed by me for Dan’s project @looseleafliterature . I’ve known Dan for 6 years now, he is one of my closest dearest pals here in Sydney. We became besties when we both were working in a radio station here in Sydney. Today we mark 2 projects completed together where I composed for his works. You’re listening to project number 1 and I hope to share with you project number 2, soon! #sydneylocal @brighton.the.corner

Part 1 : Today I was in Petersham for a lunch meeting. It’s a suburb in the Inner West side of Sydney. Very close to Newtown and the one and only @enmore_theatre for gigs. If you follow my instastories you would have seen the various Sydney neighbourhoods that I go to for my meetings and it makes me happy that some of you enjoy seeing Sydney through my eyes when I’m not in the studio. You may already know I’m always 20mins early cause a) I really cannot tahan being late b) I use the extra time to recce/location scout for visuals for my music 🤣 When I’m back in the studio I just look through my phone and if I really like the vibes I’ll come back for a time lapse. #sydneylocal

I always stop to take pictures with doors like I’m its number 1 fan. #ineedfriends 🙃


Harrington Street is my favourite street at The Rocks. It’s very photogenic, it always feels like a scene from a film here and even tho right next to this is the Main Street that’s super busy and even with morning markets, pasar pagi till petang on the weekends, Harrington Street can still feel so itself, so removed from it and doing its own thing. I love that, also love watching people eat french crepes from the outside 🤣 sedapnya @cityofsydney

Feels so good to be out on a weekend in Sydney celebrating Ducky’s birthday esp around The Rocks, it’s so beautiful here.It’s a busy touristy area since it’s so close to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House but still lots of quiet nooks and crannys that’s picture perfect to explore. Today it feels like Spring skipped us and went straight into Summer, reminds me of KL weather but hotter, seriously panas giler ☀️. #doratheexplorer #lifeinsydney 📷 by Ducky

Pt 3 : I’ve also uploaded the previous post video on my YouTube . Link will be on bio @we.are.roli @teenageengineering @spitfireaudio . Graphics illustrated by me using @procreate

Pt 2 : This track is called “ROP1” a blend of @teenageengineering + @we.are.roli . I had so much fun making this, I created the backing track using synth 1 on the #op1 and used synth 8th with delay for the piano. And 3 @spitfireaudio #labs instruments on the @we.are.roli simultaneously. I’m so happy with how #MySeaboard could handle it so well just through touch pressure. That’s why you see me tapping harder to trigger the piano. I hope you all love this and that we can all #op1andchill @op1andchill together this Thursday

Part 1/3 :
@we.are.roli + @teenageengineering = ROP1 🤗 see next post #op1andchill

Part 3 : I watched this film by @drakedoremus often through the years and every time I do it still fills me with so much feels that words can not describe but lyrics perhaps could? I think I can almost remember the entire script by now haha! but hey lets just use Anna's disclaimer " no nutcases here" just in case and to make my case in point! Those who watched Like Crazy will get it ; - ) #musicforfilm Full track link in bio

Part 2 : For this track “WILD, I used the @we.are.roli #MySeaboard along with @spitfireaudio to compose the strings and overall vibes. It’s my first track using the Seaboard and it was so refreshing and fun that I knew the seaboard had changed me and I love that ❤️ #musicforfilm Full track now live link in bio. I filmed this time lapse in New York, LES #newmusicalert

Part 1 : So you may have noticed from prev uploads I started doing this little thing where I compose a track for films that I absolutely love, ones that inspires greatly me to write something for their incredible stories / visuals and the film "Like Crazy" made me compose this track “WILD”. Directed by my fav @drakedoremus , Im always captivated by his way of story telling #musicforfilm

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