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HEYMUN  iPhone Diaries of my Mastering Session at Studios 301 : Now LIVE on

I mastered my first EP with Ben Feggans 6 years ago at the old @studios301 . Now they have a new location, I had fun exploring their new space with the loveliest @lynstagrand ❤️(part 3) #iphonediaries @studios301

Watch me get distracted by #timtams 🤣 @studios301 #iPhonediaries Now Live on my YouTube (part3) #behindthescenes

The other day I posted an insta story of me at @studios301 and it made me happy that some of you started asking me about the studio. I honestly adore the people who work there and the new people I have met too. I recently got the opportunity to compose this track you’re listening to “Awake” for a director that I also adore and I went to Studios 301 to master with my fav Ben Feggans. I’ve been thinking about sharing my behind the scenes with you should the opportunity arise. So I guess the time is always Now lol, Welcome to my #iPhonediaries Full video Live on my YouTube (part 1) #behindthescenes

“Absolutely adore #sallyhawkins on her feet, these visuals, they got me 😭@shapeofwatermovie “ part 3 #originalcomposition #newmusicalert #shapeofwater

“ I was playing with 2 other melodies before this one but I felt like it needed a 3rd and soon as I started working on this one I was just so attached to it... Looking at the visuals I feel like it’s a perpetual state of floating and I wanted the riff to feel like that, a loop that never ends” part 2 @shapeofwatermovie #shapeofwatermovie #originalcomposition #newmusicalert

“If you have been following my insta stories you’ve probably heard me working on this track. So happy to finally share it, my love for @shapeofwatermovie . This exact scene was what inspired me to to create this track, it captured me so deeply and I couldn’t stop thinking about it” part 1 #newmusic #originalcomposition

“To The Only Light I See by HEYMUN now live on www.youtube.com/HEYMUN (Part 3) #newmusicalert

“Well you saw the world, different as I do...” (Part 2) #newmusicalert

Exactly 6 years ago today, I met him. (Part 1) #newmusicalert

This is as simple and raw as it gets for me, whilst that portable keyboard had terrible velocity issues, I felt like I was hitting wood but some of you weren’t even bothered and years later I meet some of you who tell me Light is your fav and is there a full version. That makes me so happy. Thank you for bearing with me, I owed you this full track a long time ago. No time like the present (Part 3) #newmusicalert #createexplore #theglobewanderer #hearwhatyousee

With that portable kit I wanted to be able to record my ideas right when it was happening. I wanted my music to always be intimate and sustainable. The best part of songwriting for me is capturing that vibe when it’s fresh and raw. Same reason why I love writing a journal when I’m sad or feeling a bunch of feeling and watching vlogs of all sorts. The beauty of its presence, being in the moment and being simply vulnerable and, I guess, just being human is good enough. (Part 2) #newmusicalert #thevisualscollective #createexplore #hearwhatyousee

Some of you may remember that before I took my break and left Sydney to travel I uploaded a snippet of this track “Light” on my YouTube, I wrote it whilst road testing my portable studio kit that consisted of a @neumann.berlin mic, @apogeedigital Duet , my mac, headphones and a portable keyboard. (Part 1) #newmusicalert #createexplore #theglobewanderer #hearwhatyousee

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