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meggie🌻  Mama to ✨Loki & Milo✨ dancer, 200 ryt yoga instructor, taco aficionado @funkehauser’s favorite wife💁🏼 owner of nutmeg’s dance & 🌻 yoga

In the universe, you're a molecule
In my eyes, you're a great big deal ✨

Little Bear had so much fun shooting with @gerberchildrenswear today! 🦁📷✨ Thanks for a great experience @gerber & @zurimodelandtalent! ❤️

Being sleep deprived, and chasing around sassy, wild, teething little boys who don’t want to eat, like to hit each other with dog bowls, and have leaky noses running like a high powered faucet of boogies; would all be so much trickier if you weren’t the very best dada and hubby ever. This day was so lovely and relaxing, but, our crazy madhouse is so much better 😘❤️🐣🐣✨

Their very favorite place to be. I’d be jealous if I didn’t recall feeling the exact same way. (Ok, still do.) 💙

fash·ion·is·ta 👆🏼”a devoted follower of fashion” 💁🏼‍♂️ (also known as: I got car sick 3 times, and Mom forgot to pack me pants. good thing I’m so damn cute.) 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

No one celebrates #nationalsiblingday quite like these 2 do! 🤗🤗 (please watch until the end - I swear it is sweet! 😂

Hey, boys! It’s your Mama here, and I’m kindly asking you to pause. Now. Full stop. No more of these growing up shenanigans. Stop becoming little boys right before my eyes. Just stay my chubby little babies forever, k?? Do we have a deal here?? ❤️🐥❤️🐥


A year ago today!! 😭 I would attempt to re-create, but there is no way I could get them to stay still long enough these days. My little babies are becoming little boys and it is all going by in the blink of an eye!! #tbt #themuffinandthebear

Something about this time of year at the studio...the sun begins to shine later and cast a long anticipated spring time light into our full days and nights of dancing. Pieces are starting to be completed, and we all begin to get a better, brighter picture of what we’ve been working so hard to create all winter long. We all begin to spend more hours here, and together, than we do anywhere else. And, we are reminded that this is our family, and here is our home (always, but especially for this next month!) We may be pooped, but man, are we happy (and lucky!!) to have each other. Looking at their smiles, it is easy to see that M & L feel the same!! ✨🖤✨ (Thank you for all these beautiful photos @kjadeen!)

Yesterday; they fought over every toy, pushed each other’s buttons at every turn, screamed during an entire car ride, wanted to nurse every 4 minutes, begged to be held then arched out of our arms, and were generally tiny, demanding, insatiable, crazy people. Today; was 90% this. Happy, huggy, hilarious, so so sweet little creatures. Life with #toddlertwins is legitimately a roller coaster. 🤣🎢 It’s the best, but I’m holding on tight! And to be fair - Milo had his first molar pop through this morning! It is so hard to know what is going on when these crazy days (weeks?) happen, but there is almost always a reason. Our little maniacs are miraculously sleeping soundly as I type this, so now it’s puppy/hubby snuggle time. As Loki would say, “Buh bahh” 👋🏽😂❤️❤️

🖤 H O M E 🖤

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