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Miles Kirchner  Partner @grapes 🍇🔋For bookings provide Jameson.



@reiledup is back! Thanks for the piece amigo. This is it on the wall right now. Live action.

Time lapse imagery of the far side of the moon taken by NASA's lunar reconnaissance orbiter. NEAT! @thespace_odyssey @nasagoddard glorious accounts to follow if you like space as much as I do.

Free range certified organic no antibiotics

Doesn't matter how you get there.

Best weekend with the these dudes and a couple not in the picture. Always nice getting the band back together. Congrats @themachinistweb on the matrimony🙏🏼

Best day ever

It's friday so I'm trying to gather what everyone's favorite animal is. Me personally, I'm a mantis shrimp guy. Not only can they attack with super sonic frictions that can boil water with a single strike, but they also have the best vision of any animal on earth.

Some people shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a gun 😹

pinnacle of childhood🤘🏼

I'm ready for your wedding this weekend @themachinistweb

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