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Kelsey Johnson  Forever Ginger • Adventure Always Aug 21-24 - Point Reyes + Redwoods 🌊 Sept 1-5 - Seattle + Mt. Rainier 🌄 Sept 6-15 - Swiss / Italian / French Alps 🏔

It just dawned on me that, at this exact time last year, I was laying in the ER in some of the worst pain of my life, missing my trip to go see the solar eclipse. It was such a terrible time for me but, only a year later, I barely remember all of that even happened and have gone on so many incredible adventures since. Just a reminder that, whenever things are really awful and feel like they will be that way forever, eventually everything is going to be completely fine again. I promise.

Desert days. @karl_shakur snapped this photo of tiny me in the red dress back when we were living out of a camper van for a couple weeks. Beyond excited to be back on the road, starting with a little backpacking trip tomorrow.

Can’t wait to be back in Washington in a couple weeks. I’ve been missing these mountains.

First light over the desert. There were only three other photographers up in the park that early, who I got to know while we huddled around waiting for the sun to come out. Love all the likeminded people you can meet on the road.

I’ve never felt more like a princess than prancing around this empty castle at sunrise in the red dress. Like my very own fairytale. Swipe to see behind the scenes of how I got this shot.

It was really cool getting to explore this canyon for the first time, but next trip out I’m going to be super extra and do the whole tour in the red dress so I can shoot it in there. Bet it’ll give all the tourists something to talk about💃🏼

We had actually stopped to shoot a view on the other side of the road. But when I got out of the car, turned around, and saw this perfect lake reflection behind me, I got so excited I immediately scrambled down to waters edge to grab this shot. If I’ve learned anything from constant road tripping, it’s to pull over and explore as much as you can, don’t head straight to your planned destination. You never know what you might stumble upon.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Today is the first Monday I haven’t gone into an office in over four years. I just quit my job in order to travel full time, working as a freelance photographer. It’s honestly still hard to comprehend I’m actually doing it, that this is really happening right now...it doesn’t feel real yet. But I am SO excited to bring you guys on this journey with me and tell the honest story of what it’s really like to leave your life behind to travel the world. I’ve got a couple of weeks left in my San Francisco apartment and then I’m off to Europe for all of September. Here goes nothing.

Photo of me by @karl_shakur with my edit

This river gorge was a highlight of the Germany leg of our trip. It was so much fun exploring, the path slippery and misty from all of the waterfalls (you can see both on the left side).

Getting super stoked for upcoming trips that are officially on the books! Got any travel plans you’re really excited about? Anywhere I need to put on my list?

Eastern California on the other side of the Sierras feels like a completely different world than the rest of the state. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend a drive down Highway 395, especially during the fall. Then you can a take a sunrise dip in these hot springs too.

Can never get enough of this insane road, had to edit another one from this set. @karl_shakur snapped this photo of me while I walked the line, watching the early morning sun light up the mountain peak right before my eyes.

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