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Haley Elmer  Hey Sam, let's get coffee and talk about Jesus

You wouldn't believe it, but before today I hated cherries🍒 #spokanedoesntsuck #jkitkindofdoes

May your meal be a present [not pleasant] one. Thankful for moments lived in the present with excellent breakfast food.

I can't do anything without God. I can't do anything without laying my tears, stress & temptations down and giving them to Him. I can't do anything if I don't make my prayer life more thoughtful & important than yesterday, & the day before that, & the month before that, & the years before that. I can't do anything if I don't give myself up to Him & allow Him to shape me and transform me. I can't do anything if I don't read His word or listen to His voice. I am a train wreck without you (ain't that the truth). Pour your voice into my heart, but first give me a hearing heart, a heart that starves for you & your word. Shatter this earthly mindset and break down my walls. Fill me with you so I may be an ambassador for your kingdom.

A weekend of hiking, flower shops in old gas stations, two bonfires, a best friends engagement, bike riding, late nights and good company. Monday you are not welcome.

Trail of ten falls and a five mile bike ride for this sunny day✔️

9 am coffee drinking views #☕️

The best way to start the week👌🏼

You can't match the happiness of a girl with a donut on top of a mountain breaking in her new hiking shoes👌🏼

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YOU are the real MVP. Shoutout to this guy for taking care of my delusional, drunk-walking self, fresh off of anesthesia after having four teeth pulled (which should never be a thing & I'm still salty about it). Congratulations you just made it through a special episode of survivor - let's celebrate with burgers in like a month.
But in all seriousness, Yahweh is so so good. I have needed my wisdom teeth out for 2 & a half years & being the procrastinator I am that never happened. I just got dental insurance a few months ago, my wisdom teeth just started coming in & causing pain & the doctor got me in in two weeks! So thankful for the Lord's faithfulness & how He provides in the everyday & the mundane. #hellohandsome #mancrusheveryday

A much needed beach day👌🏼

Just another coffee post you could have gone your whole day without seeing☕️ but really - three hour coffee talks about Jesus are my kind of talks.

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