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holly usiak  highlight reel: auburn alum, eventer, corgi-jack mom, semi-southerner lost in indiana. it’s always amateur hour here. #champagnetaste #tapwaterbudget


the beloved caddy was assaulted by a mini cooper this week (i know, a mini?! seriously?! that’s like getting hit by a go cart...) and bid us goodbye. 16 states, about 18935 times getting lost, spring break with @luciaanne5982 and @clairefgilpin and a cross-country move: we had a good run bud. (i am fine minus some bruised ribs and overall soreness and feel very lucky it was not worse!) #dearsanta #canihaveacar

thankful for all my turkeys today because i don’t know anyone who loves overeating more than these three ❤️

surviving not thriving #notamidwesterner #sendmorecoatsmom

hush puppies, we know it was a ruff day to be a dawg. sent them home with their tails between their legs, ‘cause georgia just wasn’t all they were cracked pup to be. took down #1 and it was pawsitively a GREAT day to be an auburn tiger! #wareagle

juuuust in case you ever doubted my move to veterinary medicine, that’s my dog. in my office.

“I’m her mom.” “No, she’s not.” #kittens #inspiredbykittens

has four pairs of very fancy boots. fortyish pairs of regular shoes. wears tennis shoes from 9th grade with animo breeches. #noshame #sorrymom

she’s beauty and she’s grace, she can’t steer at all and falls off on her face #didntevenfalljumping #psa #checkyourgirth

“I’ve never closed down an antiques store before!” - @shannanu I guess you could say it was a pretty wild mother-daughter day.

when your horse interprets stretchy trot as ‘do your best peanut roller impression’ 🙄 #wheredidhisheadgo #overreactmuch

brown is the new black #imsotrendy

seven years old on the 7th means unlimited tennis balls, peanut butter kongs and car rides with the window down. happy golden birthday finny!

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