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Courtney G  truisms and sharisms

Starting the #hoophorsecontest πŸ’›
Here's my @leen_illusions submission. I've admire your high speed flow which still keeps precision, your double tech, and hoop handstands !! Thanks for the challenge 🌱
Thank you to all the hosts and sponsors 😊

I've been playing around with this all angles Venn diagram / flower petals thing -- My #stopdropandspin for the ultra dedicated & lovely @albinoplant πŸ’œ
Passing to two awesome male twin tech-ers I've met @matth00ps and @mikelisse πŸ’œπŸ’œ
Backdrop is my hoop stop at a Smokey Mountains bypass in TN on my way home 🌌
#doublehooping #twintech #venndiagram #hewpsnme

going through some old videos. there were so many amazing acts at #cirque #circus #acrobatics #strength #bodystacking #foottoshoulder

#seaplants #seaweed #gloop YAY! This Atlantic seaweed I brought home this weekend is going to be #composted so that next season's soil has more of the nutrient iodine !
Iodine is essential for your thyroid health. The best source of iodine is sea plants! Some edible sea plant varieties are kelp, arame, hiziki, kombu, and wakame. I love the roasted seaweed snack Nori (now found in most grocery stores) and occasionally eat seaweed salads from sushi restaurants or specialized grocer :) β€’
The thyroid is one of your hormone glands. The thyroid controls your energy production, maintains body temperature, regulates children's growth, and profoundly affects brain chemistry. Irregular immune function, poor blood sugar metabolism, gut infections, adrenal problems, and hormonal imbalances can significantly depress the thyroid. β€’
According to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast on thyroid health, the speakers state another issue with the thyroid is that it is a "dumb" gland. It acts like a vacuum and sucks up anything similar to iodine. This usually means it takes in chlorine, fluoride, and bromide/bromine, but each of these is not beneficial when sent to your cells. We get chlorine & fluoride mostly from city water, pools, or the dentist office and toothpaste. Bromine began being used as a replacement to iodine in baked goods starting in the 1950s for cost savings. Iodine and bromines help doughs rise but bromines are bad for us and often labeled a dough conditioner or potassium bromate. Bromine is also used in pesticides (especially strawberries), citrus sodas, flame retardants, and hot tub and swimming pool treatments.
27 million Americans suffer from thyroid dysfunction according to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Most standard care models for managing thyroid dysfunction include using a thyroid hormone replacement medication. This medication may make your TSH blood numbers go back to a normal range, but it doesn't fix the underlying problems of why your thyroid came to be functioning irregularly. In alternative medicine, reversing thyroid issues often begins with blood sugar regulation. Also add more iodine rich foods to your #diet or #soil!

@fireinthe4th hires fire performers, glass blowers, musicians, artists, circuses, firemen and firewomen and sets out fire sculptures to commemorate a devastating fire in the Old Fourth Ward nearly 100 years ago and to celebrate safe fire practices and where we've come since then 😊 #fire #atlantahistory #o4w #edgewood #fireinthefourth #fireinthe4th #safetyfirst

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