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VICTORIA PARK  run-on sentences and barely detectable sarcasm WATCH #YAPPIE ep5 👇🏽

stay classy, san diego. pc: @atelier.calimbas

moment captured by @atelier.calimbas on a long overdue catchup. always a joy to catch up with old friends. friendships are a rare & precious thing. hold em close.

when you wave at someone who’s waving at you only to discover they’re actually waving at someone behind you so you make like you were rubbing your neck instead but you still maintain eye contact just in case said wave was actually meant for you and wow this caption really got away from me. | pc: @g.i._job

probably the best we’ve ever looked. definitely the happiest he’s ever looked. you’re welcome. #fullykmetted

when your childhood best friend gets married, it’s a rollercoaster of emotion. 😭💛 could not be happier to stand beside my bestie-since-birth on her special day! the day was perfect, she was absolute perfection, and my heart is so so full. congrats, my love. y’all are #fullykmetted!

the @curology #treatyoskin launch was a much needed pick-me-up after tearfully watching the hearing this morning. a lot has been said, and yet it still hasn’t been said enough... we believe you, we hurt with you, we are incensed for you, we stand with you. dr ford has no ulterior motive to share what happened to her, and her bravery and commitment to the truth should be championed and lauded. we need to #listentowomen, y’all. we really and truly do. xx

farewell summer. you were warm and sweet and haphazardly hectic, but full of so much sun and adventure and good meals and love. thanks for the memoriez. 🤟🏼

posting this truly belated #latergram because it’s never the wrong time to post a bff appreciation photo and also this well may be the high point thus far in terms of photographic evidence of our friendship so deal.

working my best “lara jean won’t sit with me on the bus” sulk. | pc: @g.i._job

the lint-heritance will g-go to your only WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING ANYMORE. #SelfTapeFiles #puredelirium #help

praying for freedom this hazy september morning. grateful for a church that prays and a God that saves.

yo, friday, you here yet? pc: @gandid.camera

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