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Pavel Barber  🏒Stickhandling Specialist 🇨🇦 3x Canadian National Athlete 📸GoPro Ambassador "It's not just what you do, it's how you do it."

#RareDanglesPB Alert!

Pullback + toe drag combination 😍 Full breakdown of when and why to use this combo vs. Just a pull back on @pavelbarbertraining (Video Source: @sidelineswap.hockey).

Fortnite has officially hit the ice...And it's Awesome! (Video Source: Joel Gallagher).

Brad Marchand killing penalties like a boss.
A move I think should be in the game more. Backhand cut back between the legs. Same application as any move between the legs - it allows you to make moves in tighter areas.

Datsyuk used it a few times when he was in the NHL and since then I've only seen it a handful of times.

@aaronekblad5 with a filthy toe drag before dangling backhand. Unreal goal.

Full breakdown on this toe drag and the bottom hands role in this situation on @pavelbarbertraining

Note to self: don't anger Malkin. (Video Source: @nhlcontent).

#PBarbersCuts Time!!! @rbastille18 hits him with a backhand toe to steal the show 😎.

Alert!!! Brilliant approach to the backhand toe between the legs elimination by @kravtsov93

Coming in off the angle pulling the puck back to a protected position with blade facing the middle of the ice to fake the pass.
This is the benefit of using the backhand toe on this scenario vs. the forehand toe - you can push it in the direction you're faking the pass and deceptively redirect the puck between the legs fore protected elimination. (Video Source: @khl)

#RareDanglesPB Alert from the AHL.
Slick toe draw then a great cutback leading to forehand finish.

Patrik Laine with a toe drag + backhand toe drag combo 😮

@NiagaraC with some viscious Zorro skills...

Alert!!! @jesse_gabrielle with a tremendous NO MOVE MOVE to score for the Regina Pats!!! He slices the puck on the fake shot.

This kid has the moves in the shootout. I'm sure we'll see him on the feed again.

Alert from the WHL. @lukusmackenzie swivels and goes between the legs for nasty goal.
Great cut off move to eliminate defenders stick and gain better ice. (Video Source: @winterhawks / @westernhockeyleague).

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