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james bourne  .ten year stylist / rhyme weird nihilist / mars born virus residing on vancouver island. -~-~ this is my collection #onelonelyglove

.beastmaster bounce.

.reading runes.

.crib challenge.

.each purpose unfulfilled, this version too distilled / live worthless taking pills, trade spaces to rebuild / loop cursive swirling still, proof nervous twirling will / boost service, highest hills, blues sermon, movement kills // soothing illusion improving using each meal / as a way to confusing what's real, bruising feels / disturbing wording blurring lines, curving fine wheels / even keel, toe than heel laugh tracks, key and peele // crash fast blast back, always behind like a knapsack / brass tax mass grasp, after all the cash caps, nasdaq / black ops crack costs, the war on drugs drops bombs that lack / deep thought, tossed rocks from glass houses without the facts // using these pharmaceuticals quickly prescribed / has me feeling unusually dead alive / debt contrived, stress inside each letter I've described / figures climb, trigger time, no better pulled, trapped confined.

.late lawyer.

.defrost details.

.starting sequence.