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james bourne  .ten year stylist / rhyme weird nihilist / mars born virus residing on vancouver island. -~-~ this is my collection #onelonelyglove

.really rolling.

.sunshine grass cut, minds eye blast duck / rewind past bluffs, I find that tough / inside track lust, defines fast love / each time I trust, that's when clocks bust // gone in sixty seconds breathless / Vancouver grizzles rides Memphis / nitrous oxide fuel injection / taste rejection wicked temptress // engine tension bending restless / steer the sentence, crash kill reckless / penchant for smoking that lettuce / brain fried, icobod crane, headless // clinically insane at best guess / multiple voices hushed death threats / singular choices touch tested / invested depression said yes // contested impressions say no / acting high and mighty day glow / head in the clouds while I lay low / mould my cash into fun, play dough // I gotta go moving nowhere / I'm trying to be, can't beware / even my dreams are all nightmares / thoughts deep with each image, Voltaire // and really I try not to care / discreetly speak words self aware / all because I'm trying to repair / this life and I know I'm bout there.

.with that baller @kmunroj hitting the courts. 🏀🔥💯

.morning musing.
.good morning ocean mechanics / weighing words on an air mattress, taste wind from beyond the traffic / delivered streams invisibly, perfect symmetry, elaborate transit // west coast comatose with no abandon / escaped overlords, 4 day overdose, lost in spacetime folds, alive out in the cold / ufo's landed with Marley jammin // the specifics contain their own mission / shore pacific push brain to the limit / smoke illicit maintain percentages / float intrinsic type down the impressions lived // seems to be the sea to me has some peace / and I'm trying to catch a little piece / dreams set free really released and the seeds / been planted around here, take what you need // carried the weight of my world on shoulders / still a few moons till I'll feel it's over / passing past real closure unknown solider / doors of perception read out of order.

.tarot time.
@questionablereality .thank you so much! it was amazing meeting you friend, hope to see you again soon!.

.sombreo sunset.

.falling fountain.

.water wash.

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