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HHS c/o '17  r.i.p soomin baby danny❤️


y'all ima lil high rn off my shit but this dude is so amazing. like he took me on an amazing date last night and came with me to my surgery this morning and took care of me and yo i'm so fuckin in love. how did this even happen. like how did i get so lucky. the perks got me rn lmaoo. but shit i am in loooovvveee. ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤


issa wife #wcw #wce

we ain't talk for two years but wuz gud

"I ain't make a poster but figured we'd look cute together, so how about you kick it with me at prom?"

starfish are fucking cool dude

when ya thighs touch that's called happiness

birth control puts the baby on layaway-that's why i gained weight

i am so happy with who i've become and how my life has turned out. thanks to the boys for breaking my heart. thanks to my family for making me realize i need to be strong. thanks to my dog for wagging her tail everyday when she sees me.

no bra is the best bra.

*inserts hoe quote here*

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