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  "taking stills, living in a film reel" - Blu 💠

Many, many brunches ago feat. Mylie 💞

to: Tuesday, from: Saturday

Hey Girl Hey 🙋🏾

Thanks to Mylie, she led me down this alley on her walk downtown 🐶

I saw that the storm was coming and thought it would be perfect time to go to Carl's because it shouldn't be busy, right? WRONG! The line was too long to get to get stuck out there in a storm. Not going to lie, I was going to stick it out til dirt blew into my eyes lol. So the bottom line is that I didn't get the chocolate shake that I wanted so badly 😢

Nice day out 🌤

After two years of contemplating, I finally did it! I'm so in love with this. Thank you so much, Scott!


Window Beam.
Thank God for a Monday off.

3 Day Wknd = 3 Days of Re-twisting.

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