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Hayden  wannabe milsim guy with a trash kit and a dsg "17 navy fc future sailor speedsoft is okay tac city


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Hell yea. Senior year is over. Graduation June 3rd at tacobell arena. Then I ship to Chicago for basic.

New polish pantera camo top came in Saturday. Love this thing already, it a comfy and light weight. Also last full day of school for me. Got one final today and one tomorrow. Then I'm done. #lastseniormonday #icanleaveprisonnow #eaglehighsucks #longconfusinghastagbecauseyouhavethementalcapacityofayoungtreesapling #grom #jwk #poland #gucci #panteracamo

Need gone 7 dollars for shipping. Needs a new tm g18 hammer, comes with everything you get with it new and an extra hammer housing. Looking for 60ish

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Giveaway! In response to the recent increase in positive feedback from the Airsoft community, I've partnered up with my sponsor @firestormsystems to give something back! I'll be giving away a brand new @firestormsystems MOSFET switch, 1 pair of deans, 2 motor connectors, the necessary heat shrink, and a @firestormsystems patch shipped to your doorstep!

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Winner will be chosen: May 12th at 12pm PST. Prize will be shipped out May 15th if winner responds within 24 hours.
Special thanks to @firestormsystems
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Senior prank was pretty good I guess, but could have been better

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In honor of the most amazing and geekiest time of year, and of my new Jedi Elsa cosplay, I'm giving away a lightsaber! The results will come out May the Fourth, so don't lose the chance to get an amazing Stunt The Initiative V2 Saber in Guardian Blue from Ultra Sabers.
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Blade LED Color: Guardian Blue
Blade Option: Ultraedge Midgrade
Blade Size: Initiate 24" Blade
Switch Type: Guarded Switch
Blade Tip: Round Tip
Good luck guys!
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Go check out @cyborg_torres
He's recently announced that he will be building and selling custom hicapas.
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ll Project Speed - Retailing 450$ ll -----------------------------------------------------------•Check out my YouTube Videos, link in my profile 💯------•DM me if you want a custom hicapa built 🛠-----------•Follow for more future hicapa builds and setups 🔥 -----------------------------------------------------------#speedsoft #speedqb #syg #hicapa #airsoft #hpa #cqbrussian #gungamers #dyeairsoft #prowinairsoft #hkarmy #extremetronics #tokyomarui #gopro #featureairsoft #airsoftnation #airsoftobsessed #bbwarz #pewpew

So yesterday was 10 months with this beautiful @fiiishhhhh , and I'm glad she's mine. (She was attacking me trying to get me to post a better pic but this one is fine) I love you Breanna Marie Pollock.

Shimmimg my dsg. Need to tighten the spur and sector. Liking the way it sounds so far, nor to make sure everything else runs fine.

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I don't want this to be that whole "thank you for your support" cliché. So lemme be real for a minute: I really do appreciate each and every one of you guys, who follow, comment, and interact with me. It's awesome to be able to speak to you guys and gals, most of which I have never met in person before! I've made some awesome new friends, and learnt a ton thanks to you guys (and gals)! So as a way to say thank you, I'll be doing a little GIVE AWAY for reaching 300 followers! I will be giving away a bottle of Elite Force bbs, one to each of the 2 winners! Either .28s or .25s, it's up to you! The rules are simple and easy: 1. BE FOLLOWING ME😄

And it's that simple! You'll be entered into the giveaway, and the winners will be drawn at random, 2 weeks from now! (The winners will have 2 days to respond to my DM or I will have to draw (a) new winner(s).) good luck everyone, and once again thank you!

Selling aor1 still, proper pants with room for knee pads, fronter shirt with holes for elbow pads. Looking for 65 shipped

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