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Hayden  wannabe milsim guy with a trash kit and a dsg Sometimes you gotta fuck life harder than it fucks you navy fc Sailor

Too bad I didn't get the 3 piece ace. But still godly

Tfw your name gets called for a random drug test and all you want to do is go to school to learn about radars instead. Ugh I hate piss tests no matter what I do I can never go first time takes like 4 triesπŸ˜‚ well this is going to be a long day. Hope yours is better everyone. Cause remember at least you don't have an old chief looking at ya while you pee

Anyone know where I can find some m90 combat pants that are like the crye g3s?

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There she is. not finished yet, but definitely glad to be working on her again

My dsg is back, thanks @the.aeg.tech for the shim job and putting everything else together, just need to toss my motor grip on it and test it

At the airport, have been here since like 330. I'll be home around 1300

2 days and a wake up call, then I catch a flight back home to spend Christmas with my family and friends. I wish everyone a safe travel this holiday season

Can some one tell me what this part actually does lol

Woke up for watch at 0430 and there was snow, got released for turnover and went to get some food and this Is what I walked out to.

New pick up. How should I set it up

Someone buy it. Dm me

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