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hewy  Snapshot of my life by aloof Psychobilly Tattooist/Airbrush artist in Royston vasey. Studio instagram is "HD13customtattoo" Nr2 4hh 01603 662255

1st part done 2 parts left...

This took about 2 maybe 3 years to do so, cant remember it was so long to get done.i had to keep going back to the way i tattooed at the start as my own bng style had changed over that time. Taken with a phone just after i finished the last part on the neck. No photoshop as im far to lazy to bother plus why would i, im a little tattoo artist knowone knows of, i have nothing to prove or cool image to lose. Thats maybe the difference in the world of tattoo bullshit. Us nobodies do great work and have no pressure, only for our customers, the others on the otherhand are under the pressure to make things great everytime, even though skin has alot to do with it and how people heal, so photoshop is the answer to them.

Right with all this crap coming out about photoshopping pics to make your tattoos look great is not new news, its been done for years and years, why now people have decide to make a big song and dance about it i dont know, what i do know is i dont ever do it what you see is what you get, if you feel the need to photoshop your work then its your choice and what makes me laugh about the whole thing is the people who are now complaining are the ones who have done that same thing in the past wether they would admit it or not, ive seen it with my own eyes, and this person is way on the high scale of things. So comes to the use of ipads i use a ipad to make my stencils here in the photos is a ipad made stencil, and the tattoo i made with that stencil. I dont see a problem in using a ipad over tracing paper it doesnt make me a lesser artist because i use a ipad to make stencils. It makes it better if anything and it saves on paper waste. Ive tattooed for over 17 years and apprentice 4 years before that. So if i feel a tool can work for me then i will use it. Remember when the 1st pro rotaries appeared, if it happened today then instagram would be band the rotary its the devils tool.. haha thats my thoughts on this shit..

Little more on this redo .. starting to come together..

Something a little different. As a tattoo artist, its not a matter of pigeon hole your self to one style its about doing every style..and doing it well.

Naughty new phone... haha #s9 #samsungs9

In the middle of designing the classic kiss of death.. in poser 11.

Ive been finishing and reworking this piece, making things more dark to give depth..

Swimming i was the only one in and thats at 12pm.. my day made of snow..

This is the difference between fresh and healed, being a artist sometimes you just got to trust wants going to happen when it heals that takes years of experience and knowing your black n grey washes. The healed pic is just a quick pic covered in hair growth but it shows the point.

The art room needs a good clear out again.. designs first maybe sunday..

Tattooed this about 4 years ago now finishing it off and going a little darker..

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