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Patrick  The world is a pile of shit in the summer sun....

I mean sure...it’s the getting to and from there that I don’t ❤️....what a nice night with the fam ☺️

This guy fucks


“To all the people that lived above the buildings I was hustlin in front of, called the police on me when I was just tryin to make some money to feed my daughter....[thanks for this tribute you painted at your local green juice spot 20 years after my death]....it’s all good baby babayyyyyyy” #juicy #hypocrisy #brooklynaintwhatitusedtobe #stillgotajuicetho #maybeimpartoftheproblem

#sheaforever @sosoglos @sheastadiumbk #2013 #xanax sorry for the short and awful quality of this content.

Dad and I, circa 1860. I’d say we look pretty good for our age. #happyfathersday @pjfinnen Thanks for teaching me how to saddle a horse, use the water pump, tend the fields and to not leave the milk out of the refrigerator.

#tbt ....to 17 year old @hestricky this comp had every band I loved and more. Not the least of which being @jimmyeatworld that I get to see for the only second time ever @brooklynsteel tonight. Can’t fucking wait. @blink182 @alkaline_trio @themovielife.nyc #boxcarracer #finch @slickshoesband @thestartinglinerock @bosstonesofficial @glassjaw #madcap @midtownnj @newfoundglory #autopilotoff ( #cooter ) @kutuupmusic @atticusclothing_ @weareamericannightmare #sugarcult @theused

Living my best life. #alliebturns33

People say I look like Mom, I guess?? Lol....my mind went around in circles today thinking about what to post for my mom, @coppertopmom1 ...a good quote, something funny... but words don’t come anywhere near describing what this woman has done for me. My sense of humor, hard work ethic, activism, generosity, kindness, understanding, literally every good quality I think I have, it’s all her. (Yes and Dad too but he’ll have his day in a month). I owe everything to this woman, and I can’t thank her enough for raising @petefinnen and I the right way, and for her never ending support and love that she gives to us and our significant others daily. Thank you mom, you’re the best! #thequeen #happymothersday to all the mommies!

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