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Ryan Moormann  🔮🔧🎸☕️🍻🧙🏻‍♂️⚔️

Even though I hate pictures, I love this little woman. She’s strong when I’m weak and frustrated, she takes control when i feel I’ve lost it. I’m happy to have found time to take her to see one of her favorite bands amidst a hectic inflexible work schedule. Te amo mami, un beso! @jmarie_am

Not my typical style but this stuff is super fun to write, and I love the contrasting sounds of the jazz master. Also, finally starting to find a good use for that octave pedal

Selling my 79 shovel, bought it a couple years ago with plans of doing something with it and literally haven’t touched it. Clean Ohio title, asking $3500 DM me if interested thanks @chopperswapper @chopperpartsforyou

Mis grandes amores

Pt 2 of my fucking terrible videos I was taking of slayer last night. Enjoy jerky unfocused greatness.

Raining blooooooooood

Yesterday was technically her birthday, but I didn’t get any good pictures of us together. Happy birthday to my love @jmarie_am I haven’t known you all of your years but I cherish the ones i have and the years ahead of us. Te amo mami, un beso!! #dirtythirty

I’ve been wanting this record since I got my record player, and my amazing girlfriend @jmarie_am had it on back order for me forever, she eventually canceled it. But I got a surprise from her today. This record seriously doesn’t have a bad song on it.

A little high on fire worship I wrote, I’ve been messing with this riff, my solo gets a little lost but this is the best take i got. I really like the harmony on for the lick at the end. Also messed with some EQ and compressor plug ins, not sure if it sounds better or worse. #homerecording #riffing #mattpikeworship #doommetal #iknownoonecares #creatingsomething

My instagram is all recordings today, fight me. #doom #sleepripoff #tonezone

La nena and the gringo song I wrote today on my day off. I don’t really listen to this kind of music, but it’s fun. Trying to do something a little garage rocky with a surf influence. I cant solo for shit, oh well.

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