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A l i s s a  Coffee keeps you going until it’s time for wine.🍷

We should take a moment and hold
it and know that life has
a hopeful undertone.
Migraine - twenty one pilots

"Niemals wie die anderen sein"
📷 Candlelightdoener

"Time after time life shows me that it’s not important to know who you are, only who you’re not." - Nicholas A Browne

"Der Sinn des Lebens ist leben"

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” - Zen Shin Talks

“Every day I discover
more and more
beautiful things.
It’s enough to drive one mad.
I have such a desire
to do everything,
my head is bursting with it." [ Claude Monet ] .
📷 : @vero_ikona

Frankfurt • 04:15 PM

"He was delighted only by moonlight. Moonlight knew no colors and traced the contours of the terrain only very softly. This world molded in lead, where nothing moved but the wind that fell sometimes like a shadow over the gray forests, and where nothing lived but the scent of the naked earth, was the only world that he accepted, for it was much like the world of his soul."
-Patrick Süskind, Perfume

[ 07.12.17 ] Frankfurt
We all live under the same sun

The TV tells us to descale
We'll make a difference if we care
We put our lives all up for sale
We get our truth from the Daily Mail
It's madness, get used to it

Another unit to our soul
Cave-love is all we'll ever know
So big, gonna live like animals
We're gonna live like animals
It's madness, yeah, it's gone to shit
So wake up
So wake up

So clueless [ 07.12.17 ]

::N o t h i n g B u t T h i e v e s::
📷: @minutenmusik

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