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Jennifer  Catholic, teacher, Texan, animal hugger, Type A, navy wearer, Longhorn, coffee drinker, napper, & Martha Stewart fanatic.

113/365: he’s big magic.

108/365: lots of small magic in such a tiny space. #hscsmallmagic

103/365: our eyes were bigger than our stomachs last night. #hscsmallmagic

97/365: animal crackers to dip in my latte? yes, please. brunch with my babes this morning. #hscsmallmagic

95/365: we’ve been waiting! roz is back! #hscsmallmagic

93/365: When you need a good laugh and ten year old humor is your jam... #hscsmallmagic

raise your hand if you think white jeans + coffee + monday + 30 ten year olds is a bad idea. 🙋🏻‍♀️ #whatwasithinking

90/365: when you love your girlfriends so much you could burst #hscsmallmagic #alliesdoublequince

85/360: my mama’s sunday dinners #hscsmallmagic

79/365: sharing loads of cheese with an encourager on the first Monday back #hscsmallmagic

78/365: When you need a week off to remind yourself of just how good you have it and how lucky you really are. #hscsmallmagic

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