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Jennifer  Catholic, teacher/librarian to be, Texan, animal hugger, Type A, navy stripes wearer, Longhorn, coffee drinker, napper, & Martha Stewart fanatic.

81/365: walks to happy hour | Birkenstock weather | cold ciders | patio weather | hot chips | Fridays! #hscsmallmagic2019

This. ❤️

If you developed an affinity for pop music in the 90s and needed a little laugh today. (You know you sang it in your head as you read it!) #britbrit #britneyspears #oldladygang #oldlady

only 96 more days left and then forever. #jenforpres2019

dear vacation, you were so so good to us. thank you for the gentle rocking of the waves, for the belly laughs with my precious family, for the never ending pina coladas, for all the exploring with mi amor, and even for the raccoon eyes tan that my sixth graders will obviously point out to me tomorrow. We cheersed to double digits till our wedding, to closing on a new home, to new beginnings with work, and great people who have encouraged and loved us well. ready to get through these next two and a half months! #hscsmallmagic2019 #jenforpres2019

I’m the luckiest. ❤️ #jenforpres2019

You know you’re in Mexico when... #JenforPres2019

When you have to use your lunchtime to plan and write an entire lesson to re-teach, but it’s okay cause you get to spend two days talking about your dog. 🐶 #hscsmallmagic2019

64/365: a much needed chance to do a 40 day heart check with God to see what’s keeping me from loving Him first || lobster ravioli for the second day in a row || *almost* celebrating || mani/pedis with @lren55 || The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on repeat || crying and laughing in the exact same day #hscsmallmagic2019

61/365: friends who are crazy talented and brave 30 degree weather to love you well (for real, y’all. check out my girl @chelseasliwaphotography. she will rock your world) | impromptu birthday celebrations | the green light on a dream | dreaming of some beach reading with my sisters #hscsmallmagic2019

I know this can be controversial but I am sick and tired of handing out anywhere from 20 to 30 pencils sometimes daily. I’ve done the sign up on the board and all they do is erase their name and take off with my pencil. I’ve tagged them with washi tape or embarrassing sayings, like “I ❤️ Justin Bieber” and they keep getting broken or stolen. With 150 kids, it’s getting pricey. And super annoying. I find myself picking up every errant/dirty pencil I see on the floor to keep me afloat. Last night, I thought, what’s wrong with that picture? Aside from that, I want to teach them life skills and responsibility. If I showed up not prepared for my job every day, I would be in trouble. Somehow they can remember their AirPods, but conveniently forget their supplies. 🙄 What do you use for your pencil borrowing system in middle school?

58/365: using my lunch time to make my new bible pretty instead of working | both loving Zenia Drive | a hug from a former student | a hug from a student who has been super ornery lately | Monday night specials and hard, but good conversations at Capital Pub #hscsmallmagic2019

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