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B L E S S E D  Be humble. Be patient. & be loving.


#nationalpuppyday || mr fluffy aka marshall bamboo. He's playful, silly, crazy, active and super hyper.

FACELESS || I believe the unseen. I'll never forget how He makes me feels because His grace surrounds us. All the pain, brokenness, harships and temptations disappear while I praise Him. I trust Him. Take away all the impurities and imperfections, make me new & lead me. PS this album released today, it's amazing.

MOUNTAINS || Take me back to BC. No matter where you look you see mountains. This was one of two days it didn't rain while I was there. Love the beauty of this place.

SUNSETS || " you make beautiful things. "

WRITTEN WORDS || I'm a sucker for pretty notebooks, but I don't write in them. I stumbled upon journaling prompts and I was hooked, particularly spiritual journaling. I'm not much a writer but the prompts will allow me to think about things I normally don't, get off track from the flow of life and think outside my conmfort zone.

SPLURGE || it's not often I get the chance to expand my @fossil obsession. Thank you to my friend for introducing me and getting me hooked. Looove this purse. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend so far. 😃

COFFEE || puts me in a good mood, keeps me sane, gives me time to reflect and appreciate what God has in store for us. If my body could handle it all I would drink is coffee all day long.

16-17 || My friends and I are effin awesome. Entering 2017 with amazing people and with overwhelming love in my heart from our Father God.

ME TIME || whenever that chance may be, take advantage of it.

NIGHT TIME || Feeling renewed again.

CONTENT || The sense of peacefulness when I enter a beautiful garden. Definitely have to come back when the flowers and plants are blooming.

Looove this song. @iamjojo ❤ the entire album is amazing.

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