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Hero Wardrobe  HERO IS CLOSED. But @stylistmeld is still posting pics of costume shop life, you know, for old times’ sake. ❤️🎬📺🎩👗👠👖

Just an excuse to #neverforget Hero Wardrobe and pay tribute to all those pen stealers out there! 🖊❤️👗 #NationalBallPointPenDay #hero #nyc #DoesAnyoneHaveAPen 🙋🏻‍♀️

Hero Wardrobe wishes all the military moms out there an extra special Mother’s Day! #thankyou #love

Early days of Hero Wardrobe when we were running on a wing and a prayer! Always love you @gnostic_alchemist - even though I’m having scary #throwback flashbacks of my Catholic school days. 🙏🏻 ⚡️ #tbt #repost #nationaldayofprayer

Ugh Taxes! 🤬 Wrapping up Hero’s final year! So grateful for the best customers a lil’ ol’ costume shop could ever hope for. Here’s to keeping the #nyc film and television biz thriving! Keep it local costume designers! 👗🗽(And on a personal level, I really need #goodgirlsrevolt to come back!) 🙋🏻‍♀️🙏🏽 I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️

Proud of my friend @4adfan who helped launch this campaign to raise money for the ‪@aclu_socal with @luxtypo. The “First Amendment Tote Bag” is the only accessory you need right now—help save democracy. (Link to the tote bag in the bio.)‬

In honor of #nationalserpentday here’s an oldie but a goodie! @christinacaruso @emilybennett31 reenacting an iconic fued! Can you guess who they are?👀🕶👜 #🐍

Last year the ladies of Hero Wardrobe took part in the #womensmarchonwashington - it was an incredible day of friendship, love, peaceful protest, girlpower and strength. We made new friends, ran into old friends, and pledged to continue to use our loud voices for good (never evil) and to empower all the amazing women in our lives. Even though we’re closed, Hero thanks you all and urges you to use your voice, creativity, and whatever hidden or undiscovered superpower you have to keep up the fight! 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿#womensmarch #womensmarch2018 #womensmarchnyc #womensmarchla #thefutureisfemale #timesup

HERO WARDROBE RECOMMENDS: HOLIDAY TV & FOODIE STOCKING STUFFERS! 🎄🇬🇧🤣Came across these hilarious parody cookbooks today and thought I’d share this awesome series with all our foodie, film and TV fans! I bought the whole series! #breakingbad #bakingbad #got #gameofthrones #gameofscones #strangerthings #strangerfillings #walkingdead #thewalkingbread #costume #designer #costumes 🙌🏽📺👨🏻‍🍳🍞🥧🥣

Happy Ugly Holiday Sweater Season everyone! Here’s two elves of Hero Past #twinning & gettin’ into the holiday spirit! #neverforget #fbf #happyholidays 🙋🏻🎅🏽🎄👚☃️

NEW FIERCE WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS ALERT! Our girl Suzan getting all down and dirty with the #Spectrum Grim Reaper costume at her amazing new custom workshop #mavencraftstudios #la 🙌🏽🔥💪🏽#EvenDeathNeedsAlterations ☠️

Keep it simple. Remember, we’re ALL humans just trying to do the best we can. ❤️#NationalKindnessDay #love

#MeAt14 - I lived to play soccer, collected hundreds of stuffed teddy bears! Spent more time doing my hair with Dippity-Do and perfectly melting my black eyeliner than thinking about boys! - No way I was capable of understanding what “consent” was. Definitely NO 32 year old men in my life. (Except that Rocky poster in my locker!🙊) #NoMoore #NotOk #roymoore #alabama #MeToo

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