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Courtney LeVesque, CPT  Health & Fitness Coach @elevationfitnesstraining Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Mom | Hunter | Podcaster

Steak and eggs don’t just magically appear on our plate. First comes the hard work, the part many never see, and others aren’t willing to do.
We are always #ProudToHunt

I crushed a killer cardio workout in the yard the other night. Legs, lungs, and arrows. Gotta be ready on all levels for packing out. 👊🏼 Double Tap this picture if you want the workout and I’ll post the challenge for you to take on.

I am so incredibly proud of my man! We’ve put in countless hours, miles and effort to tag an archery Oregon black bear and yesterday he crossed that off his list! Three season have come and gone — we’ve seen lots of bear, passed on young ones, I missed one, watched epic sunsets, glassed miles of country and made a ton of memories — but, yesterday’s is top of my list. Watching Stevens patience (most of the time), persistence and drive has been awesome!
Patterning these wild creatures, or trying is no easy task.
We are so thankful to have been offered the opportunity to take this beautiful mature boar and to fill our freezer. The fact that the boys were able to put their hands on their future meals and aide in the process of preparing him was a major added bonus.
You may not be able to tell from the photo, but he’s a toad! 😂 Go ask Steven how big he was!
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Well here he is. My first archery #blackbear. I’ve wanted to get my first bear with my bow for years. I’ve stalked, sat, waited, and prepared the best I could to get it done. This morning it all paid off! He came into 30 yards and gave me a great shot. I tracked him for about 200 yards tops and he was at the bottom 1/3 of a giant ridge.
Having the opportunity to provide for my family is so important for me. Good fresh organic meat. We packed all the meat we could. Total, the head, hide, and meat weighed 216lbs. The carcass was another 90-100+. We estimate him a bit over 300 lbs total. The Biologist said he figured him to be between 5-8 years old and agreed he was well over 300.
I am very happy with with this beautiful boar and my family will enjoy him for the next year!

My tribe, teaming up on the grocery shopping. 🛒 Proud to have our children know the value of life and where their meat comes from. #Success #Tagged #BearDown

It’s been a busy morning...

Evening reps mean I have one thing on my mind #opener
I am so thankful for the coaching and guidance of our buddy Joel with @shot_iq — my archery game has never been so good. Every shot is controlled and perfect, dialed and ready for season. #watchittokeepit

Today is the day all things are possible. Where the energy, and effort we put in will bring us to the place that we want to be. Today’s the day where our actions will speak louder than our words. Where our efforts become our reality. The things that you want will only become yours when you are willing to put in the work.
You have what it takes — you can accomplish the impossible. Choose it.

Neither one of us wanted to... the kids didn’t either, but we made it happen. #hiketohunt #staywild

Extreme fire danger means no power tools... and getting my arm pump ON. Trees limbed, house work done (ish), and adulting about to turn into hunting.
The rest of the weekend is dedicated to getting a new sight tape on, getting the Winchester 7mm Rem Mag on point and making sure we’re ready for the mountains of Idaho. So... close... 🙌🏼

Another day, another #hiketohunt Steven and I got on the hill and got after it. Archery elk in Idaho (and 100% Vegan FREE) lighting the fire! Who else got after it today?
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Throwing it back to my ‘Whistle Buck’ — Inspired by my friend @brian_call and the post he made this morning. Thank you, Brian. It offered me time to reflect on some fond hunting memories... I can’t remember the year, but if I had to guess, I’d say I was probably 13 or 14 (so, a long time ago). This was one of my earliest bucks, if not my first, and as it was making its way out of view I gave a quick whistle to stop it and took my shot. I didn’t hesitate to take this buck because of its size, and I didn’t know, at the time, that in today’s world a buck this young would provoke others to criticize, condemn and question their rights as a hunter. What I did know, and the reason I held this buck so proud, is that I was able to do my part to feed my family. To put wild, organic meat in our freezer, and to harvest an animal with a clean and ethical shot. Conserving our public lands and knowing where my tag and license money went wasn’t in mind for me then --I didn’t know that the land I spent all those years growing up on would one day be at risk of being taken away, and our wild game habitats be overlooked. Today, decades later, the reality of losing public lands is my driving force for being a conservationist, even if that means donating to projects in places I’ll never even see. Together as hunters we hold the key in preserving future generations rights, and passing along the traditions so deeply rooted within.
Stand together, take charge. We must keep public lands in public hands. #BHA #Traditions

We had a few wild visitors in our camp... these amazing creatures are something else to wake up to! Super memorable trip. #takemeback

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