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Never miss an opportunity to learn (or teach). Tonight’s lesson, all about ‘fast food’. 🦆 Looks like the boys are cookin dinner this week. #family #hunt #ducks #fieldtotable #meateater

One of my favorite things about the hunting industry and traveling to these shows is getting to connect and reconnect with friends. The Maven Optics Booth was insane yesterday, but we managed some time to visit with Phil and his family, and to shake the hands of some pretty cool new comers to hunting. It’s so awesome to see the hunting community grow, and to welcome new hunters to our way of life.
We are looking forward to heading back to Colorado for some @alphabowhunting soon too!! 💪🏼 Next up for us is the Washington Sportmans Show at the end of the month, if you’re in the area come down and see us.
#mavenbuilt #mavenfamily #hunt #train #live

International Sportsman’s Expo was great, Denver was, uh... and as always it was great to meet lots of new outdoorsmen! But we are headed out, one day was all we needed. Peace out Colorado.
#mavenbuilt #Homewardbound #colorado

I can’t wait to play around with this new app!
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Say what?!? It’s finally here!!!Introducing the world’s FIRST EVER augmented reality archery experience!

Not only can you use your AccuBow to increase stamina, strength and accuracy; but you can now do ALL of the above while fully immersed in 2 Gameplay modes:
✔️ Olympic Archery
✔️ Bowhunting Elk, Bear, Whitetail

In order to take advantage of this new technology, go to www.accubow.com and get your Phone Mount Accessory today! Simply attach your iPhone to the AccuBow and get started using the coolest tech innovation of 2018!

What’s more, the AccuBow App is FREE! Hurry and download it to take your AccuBow training to the NEXT LEVEL!

Available for download in the App store!!

We could not be more excited to open this door to all of you. Here’s to the start of a great 2018. We will not stop innovating!

Today is full of bright ideas. My busy brain is in overdrive... which means creativity is underway, and my heart is happy.
Happy Friday eve. #creative #goals

Woke up this morning at 2:50am wide awake and all I could think about was.... 👆🏼 hunting. Where are the elk, are the bear going to be swarming our spot again like last year, what are the blacktail doing... I want to be a bird- I’d travel through the wilderness daily taking notes. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #Kryptek #kryptekladieslegion #hunt #elk #isitseptemberyet

You are UNLIMITED. Held only by the boundaries of your willingness to try. You are a WARRIOR. The victory of your future held in your hands. You are RESILIENT. No matter the outcome of your actions yesterday you have what it takes now- get going. #monday #motivation

Getting pretty antsy to start building upper body strength again and get the shoulder ready for some epic archery shoots. Tick tick tick tick... Good news is that my Occupational Therapist is going to start adding my @accubow into my therapy in a couple weeks! She said she loved the idea of this tool and is excited to implement it in and get me back to shooting as soon as possible (roughly 4/5 more months). I’ll take it. 🤞🏼 #goodmorning #archery #accubow #bowtech #bowtechwomen

I am a food addict. 💙
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Insert full belly sigh here ... 🍲 elk pho with cauliflower fried rice topped with brussel sprouts and broccoli. Yum!
Did you know that a high fiber diet (lots of fruits and veggies) is one of the best ways to prevent stroke, Alzheimer’s and heart disease?? Dang good reason to load your plate with some extra greens.
#NutritionRealigned #PhoGood #Dinner #Fresh #Paleo #Whole30

#FlashbackFriday to the day all the the hard work, training and dedication came together for me.
Standing on top of the podium was more than a first place win, it was proof to myself that the days I kept going when I wanted to quit... were worth it. That the early days and late nights when working for my goals didn’t sound so great was worth it. That setting the bar high and doing my job to reach it WAS WORTH IT.
No matter what your dreams or goals are, do yourself a favor and always remember WHY you’re doing it. Make this year the year you make yourself proud.
Fit tip: training can add up, wear ya down and make you want to quit- if you’re having a hard time staying on course start journaling your training: What did you do, how did you feel, why you’re doing it AND what progress you are making. Sometimes it can be hard to see the progress you’re making first hand- looking back over your Journal can be a good way to see those changes. Second tip: Don’t forget to celebrate the small victories along the way and give yourself a pat on the back- BE PROUD of your hard work. 💪🏼 #ElevationFitnessTraining #Health #Fitness #TrainToHunt #Bowtech #Goals #Progress #2018

Begin your day with a few extra minutes and some positive words. Fill in the blanks above and read them aloud to yourself. - -

Any time I start to forget that or get off track I will stop and read it again. Make today yours. 👆🏼 #positivevibes #today #youCAN

I see tines everywhere... even in the duck boat I’m thinking about September. 🙏🏽 #isitseptemberyet #tinesup

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