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Courtney LeVesque, CPT CHN  Certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist @elevationfitnesstraining 👉🏼Helping clients change their lives and smash their goals daily!

I’m in the mood to bust an arrow... 🤘🏼My gut kept telling me to walk up to the top of our property today, so I did. Just in time to catch a glimpse of a nice three point pushing a hot doe on the neighbors property line... Steven and I waited quietly hoping I could make a move on him but never presented a shot. Now I play the waiting game.
Here’s to hoping my @redneckblinds is the lucky spot to be tonight. 🤞🏼 I’m in the mood for a thanksgiving venison roast.

The only thing that’s gone as planned so far... my pb&j.

I’m at a complete loss for words, and goes without saying the feeling of unity among hunters is far from what it should be... Not only are there 4 massive piles of roofing dumped on the road into our hunting spot someone had the balls to steal our 4K @stealthcamgsm and then someone has taken over our treestand spot. 🤷🏼‍♀️ WHAT!? Our stands are up and not 20 yards from the base of my tree someone has dumped apples and hung their cam... Maybe he didn’t look up to see two stands above him?? Maybe he thought we would be hunting neighbors? Maybe he doesn’t have common sense? Maybe I’m wrong in being mad about someone else hunting under me on public land?
Ugh. Good thing season opens tomorrow...

Flash back Friday to one of the most impressionable hunts of my life.
I’ve told the story of this buck on a few podcasts and every time I relive it I am reminded of the power of the moment and experience of being in the action on this hunt.
I’ll spare the lengthy story and account of the way it all went down but simply say, this was the moment I knew I would always be a hunter - 6 years old and already eager for my first tag.
Thank you dad for raising me a hunter, allowing me to follow in your footsteps, and teaching me so much about what lies beyond our front door. 💕

Do you ever have those days where even the things you love doing feel like a chore? You bet I do too!
Fitness is a huge part of my life, and even I struggle to hit workouts sometimes.
Overloaded with work, busy family life, traveling, etc. it all adds up to those “don’t want to days”. But the best way to keep consistency is to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
I will not give into the ease of finding an excuse, I will MAKE THE TIME, and go through the motions - I will never regret staying DETERMINED.
For all my EFT Women - THIS ONE IS FOR YOU. 💕 @elevationfitnesstraining #NOexcuses #liveYOURpassion

New Blog Up | Fitness, Family & Balance.
If you’re a parent trying to navigate a busy life with kiddos and your goals this is a good read with some immediate, actionable tips.
Making time for you is so tough, ESPECIALLY when kids need you, interrupt, and pull you away from that small window called “you time”. You DON’T have to feel guilty or miss your workouts anymore.
Head over to the link in my bio and start implementing some new tools in finding your Fitness, Family and Balance. #ElevationFitnessTraining

I’m ready for more of this! My wheels are turning on more hunts next year. We loved hunting Idaho and will most likely do that one again, but would love to hear some “must do hunts” from you!
What are your favorite big game hunts?

Hard to believe we are less than two months away from kicking off show season! Seriously, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?
We’ve already got the books full of shows all over the West! Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, Alaska?! It’s going to be a busy and blessed season - be sure to look for the @mavenbuilt booths this year (of course we’ll be there!). Which Outdoor/ Hunting/ Sportsmans shows are your favorite?

Life after death - acupuncture and endless compliments. 🤣 okay, maybe it’s not that funny, but I thought it was!
I can’t wait to see how this gorgeous bull turns out! #FallCreekTaxidermy

Seriously, how did I get SO lucky?! Worlds best kids, and my favorite tiny humans. 💕
I was trying to intentionally reflect, remember & relive some of my favorite memories the last few months... this day was one of them.
There are certain things in life you wish you could snap your fingers and instantly have back - every single day with my kids would be my request. #LuckyMe

Women empowering women- I dig that!
Yesterday I got to help out at the @northwestladiesrangeday in Washington. Diving into a women’s first, and new experiences with archery was an honored experience and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it.
Huge shout out to @loravarjuoregon for putting these events together and living out of a passion to serve other women in an open and inviting space. I highly suggest checking out these events if you are a woman wanting to learn the ins and outs of archery, hunting and sisterhood. 💕 Lucky Shot archery in Washington was AWESOME AS WELL!! #StrongWomen

{NEW EPISODE} of Full Draw Fitness is available on @archerymaniacs **LINK IN BIO**
Episode 64 | Idaho Recap Part Two (for the record I wanted to name it - Hunting Squirrels and Backcountry Deliveries). Jump into the conversation with Steven, Joe and myself as we discuss the intense, sometimes humorous, and often questionable Idaho archery elk hunt.
Ok and I will forewarn you this episode is explicit. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (which may be why we began the hunt with a prayer...?) 👍🏼 This episode is also available on Stitcher, Pod-bean, and iTunes. Let us know what you think- we would love a review, and your feedback!
@huntfit_08 @joe_willi13 @archerymaniacs #ArcheryManiacs #FullDrawFitness #Podcast #Idaho #Hunt #Elk #Rut #Outdoors

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