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Finally saw this I'm real life at @mainlineskateshop last night. So stoked that #craigquestions is in @thrashermag thanks @easternskateboardsupply @photograph_masa !!

This homie @miguel_mobbin came all the way from Reno for the #magicstickyhand2 premier at @mainlineskateshop tonight in Bell. Serious thanks to everyone who made it. All the shop staff who killed it and run a right ship over there. We had a blast! Skateshops are the lifeblood of skating, this is why we did grass roots screenings at all the shops that have supported us, it's been amazing going out and meeting everyone at these things. Thanks so much.

At Mainline right now, Magic Sticky hands free from the vending machine. #magicstickyhand2 @mainlineskateshop

One day in the future, all Skateshops will look like this...@mainlineskateshop #skateshop #shopgoals #shopping #skateboards

Bout to get this show on the road, last L.A. area #magicstickyhand2 premier, the squad is heading down to this one @nigrod @pfr4nks @nick_michel @semitowtynot and @anaiahlei the other screenings have been a blast and I know that the guys at @mainlineskateshop have some fun stuff in store. See y'all soon.

Looks like @frankshaw_ is loving the #shovelegg shape that me and @semitowtynot worked on. Filmed by a bunch of random homies from the skatepark

@christiancarrera is gearing up for getting down tonight at @mainlineskateshop in Bell. Los Angeles people head down there and enjoy a screening of #magicstickyhand2 with us!

Happy Birthday to this G. @goatmoufgumbo frontman, business owner, skateboarder and all round good human being. Pic @flyupsidedown

Los Angeles!! We have the fourth screening of #magicstickyhand2 at @mainlineskateshop tonight from 8.00pm. All the premiers have been a blast so far and I know there's some special treats lined up for this one! See you all there...

Good morning. A little slice of @semitowtynot goodness for you from our @thehouseofvista premier the other day. Had fun skating around Vista. #magicstickyhand2 #heroinskateboards filmed with @deathlens Pro. #sendit #iphone

You should Mainline Heroin Skateboards. Limited tee Available from @mainlineskateshop tomorrow at the #magicstickyhand2 Premier. #hadto

Dying to see Magic Sticky Hand 2? Who can blame you, you have good taste. U.K. Connoisseurs of skateboarding can view our new offering at the following places. Much love to all the U.K. Shops for their ongoing support of my little company with a bad name since we started this thing way back. Love all you guys. Also despite all the turmoil in the world, I think we all sleep a little easier knowing that there's a bar out there named "the Peckham Pelican" awesome. More premiers to be announced. @peckhampelican @welcomeskatestore @slamcityskates @sluggerskatestore @scenepreston @splendideyetorture @spitandsawdustskatepark @cartwrightskatebmxshop @drug_store #magicstickyhand2

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