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Heroin Skateboards  The ONLY official Instagram for Heroin Skateboards #heroinskateboards

Wordsmith boards are still out there... while stocks last.
@hustlerboardshop has these beauties. #wordsmith #thesmiths #morrissey

@skatestorerotterdam window display just blew my mind, thanks so much for the support guys. Official #texaschainsawmassacre boards are killing it for us all over the world right now. #skatestore #rotterdam

One of my favorite Skate photos that I ever shot, by @benjamin_deberdt_photography for @sidewalkmag probably around 2004 (cos the trick was an extra in our Live from Antarctica DVD) backside grab in London. I think more people should skate this spot, it’s fun. He shot two rolls of 36 films on this one, so I jumped off this wall about 72 times to get this photo, My legs killed the next day. When I was taking a break an old lady was walking down the street and tripped over a crack in the pavement and slammed pretty hard, I felt really bad for her, like it wasn’t fair that I was jumping off this wall 72 times and I was fine and all she was trying to do was walk down the pavement and she slammed. She was okay though, just shook up a bit I think, but her family and friends were there and took care of her.

@equalopportunityradiodj has a rad little interview up on @10questionswith Instagram, get over there and see what Tony has to say. #tonykarr #tonykarrforpresident

@zachariahriley was in Northern California recently and @deeepfried filmed him riding his skateboard a bit. Here’s a little clip for your eyeballs.

All Heroin x Texas Chainsaw Massacre boards and tees are back in stock for now!! Link to our store in bio, or support your local Skate shop if they sell our boards!! #texaschainsawmassacre #skateboards

Our officially licensed Texas Chainsaw Massacre collab boards and tees sold out in a heartbeat, we finally got them back in stock and they’re making their way into finer stores again now like @boarders_westcovina #texaschainsawmassacre #leatherface

Big Eggs are back in stock, our award winning shape is now available on our online store. (We didn’t really win any awards, it just sounded good when I was writing this, but we probably would for best shape if there were actually awards for that stuff.)

Freshy today, redrilled the nose to make it 1/4 inch longer, liking it a lot so far. #skateboard

@pocketroach made some awesome ceramic egg guys in his pottery class. Revenge of the Egg and Shovelegg.

Another angle on one of our Off the Grid clips with Tony Karr and Anaiah Lei. @anaiahlei @equalopportunityradiodj

Couple of Tony Karr tricks from our Off the Grid, filmed by @theres.something.about.gary for @berrics featuring @anaiahlei @nigrod @equalopportunityradiodj and myself. Had a blast skating that day. Check it out if you haven’t watched it yet, there’s a couple of surprises in there.

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