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X starts this album off with a corny and unnecessary intro, that was pretty cringe worthy and hard to listen to in my opinion.
He did the same on 17’s intro and it was just too edgy.

Anyways let’s get into the actual songs.
Alone part 3 was pretty decent , lyrically it isn’t much different from alone 1. It would’ve been interesting if x continued from alone 2 and kept his aggressive kinda dark theme of the song.(I might do another post reviewing the alone series individually)

Moving on to Moonlight, Was waiting for this ever since I heard the snippets.
It has only one verse , and it’s really short tbh but wasn’t expecting much from it Anyways.

I don’t think I have anything to say about SAD! We’ve already listened to it before and it’s nothing new, great song for radio , and so far xs most popular song and the highest peaking on the billboard charts.

The Remedy For a broken heart , Is one of the better songs on the album , sounds similar to Jocelyn Flores and everybody dies in their nightmares. Again only has one verse , which is kinda disappointing and makes him look really lazy.

Floor 555 IS FUCKING AMAZING HOLYSHIT I FUCKING LOVED THIS SONG X’s aggressive flow and lyrics , reminds me of his old style , something we’ve all been missing and waiting for.
I wish Denzel curry was featured on this song tho , the beat sounds like something he would rap on.

NUMB is the polar opposite of the previous song. X exposes his soft side to us and starts the song with
“every single year ,I'm drowning in my tears. can't seem to forget the pain I seem to give”
X is a very vulnerable person and he’s not afraid to show how hurt he is in his music.

Infinity 888 - This is the final song I’m reviewing for now, because this is really getting too long .
But this one is easily one of X’s best rap songs of all time , Joey bada$$ delivered a great verse , and x did amazing on his part as well.
This is pretty much the last good song on the album , as everything else that comes after this is pretty boring and repetitive.
* • Only other good song worth mentioning is Schizophrenia. Because i thought it’s really unique and stands out from the others.
* • Rating 6.5/10

With all the information that has been exposed to us today what do y’all think the album would sound like?
How do you feel about the tracklist so far?
And do you think Trippie will be taken off the album or they’ll just make things up with eachother and x will keep him ?

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It's been over 6 months since I've posted on this account, holyshit.
I'm not sure I'll get back to posting stuff BC it seems like everyone who used to follow me from the start have unfollowed me by now and my account is dead. But I'll see how much people will this post reach and decide from there.
#arianagrande #hiphop #lilpeep #denzelcurry #music #anime #twentyonepilots #gainpost #rap #l4l #theslumpgod #kpop #logic #jadensmith #followtrain #eminem #brockhampton #21savage #xxxtentacion #theweeknd #postmalone #lilpump #asaprocky #jcole #postmalone #liluzivert

So I'm starting this "list" or whatever, where I post songs that I personally think should've been on 17 IF those songs weren't released already, cuz as much as like 17 I still think it was too short and some songs were too repetitive, if y'all wanna wanna see everything I add to this when its done check out #17traklist (only thing I could come up with that wasn't already taken and had posts)
I think this will help new fans get into X'S music and , also help those who didn't like 17 that much, to understand how much potential X has and how good 17 could have been if X wasn't in jail almost the whole year , and had more time to write and work on the album.
So I'll start with I don't wanna do this anymore , just cuz I'm obsessed with this song and it's the song that actually got me into X'S music in the first place.
This song like many other songs of X on soundcloud , isn't finished , however if X was able to finish the song on time to be on the album and added the PnB rocks verse that we were promised to get , this woulda been a huge hit and would fit the album theme perfectly.
Tag someone who might like this song (if u want to)
And comment or DM me some songs that you think should've been on 17, and I might add it to my list.
@xxxtentacion @pnbrock

This is the last song I'm gonna post from 17 for now , those were my top 3 fave song from the album, also I feel as if fuck love has the potential to be hit and is radio friendly , so I thought I should post it for those who haven't heard it. •••
@xxxtentacion @trippieredd

2nd personal fave song from 17.
I'll be posting like two songs each day , so comment some X songs you want me to post , and I'll keep them in mind and try to post all.

My FAV song from 17 I can't stop listening to this, request an X song I should (old or new whatever)

@xxxtentacion just went live a couple mins ago and explained what his intentions were behind the recent video on his page and revealed that he's working on his first music video...Possibly for RIOT , since he was hung with a goldchain.
Do u think ppl were too quick to judge?

X DIED AT THE AGE OF 17, he recorded look at me! When he was that age , the new X is just a clone made by the devil he spoke to in Miami, to manipulate X fans and make money off of them , it's not the real X 😤 that's why his music so trash nowadays 💯💯
This is the LEGIT actual meaning behind 17 and if u don't know this already you a fake ass bandwagon fan
@xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion

So @xxxtentacion basically said he was gonna push the release date back if the post doesn't get 1M likes , I got pretty salty and was about to criticize him while posting this , but then he posted on his story later saying he was just kidding.
(I knew u were serious BOI , u really wanted that much clout)
Anyways support the album by buying it when it comes out, and if u can't buy it stream the fuck out of it, do anything u can possibly do to help X grow and reach a bigger audience.
@xxxtentacion @xxxtentacion

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