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I feel like #GreenArrow is overrated at times.🤔 Who's your favorite non powered superhero? ~ Lopro⚡️

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I'm gonna start doing more video facts cuz I know how much you guys love them.❤️ 🚨COMMENT DOWN SOME CHARACTER REQUESTS🚨 ~ Lopro⚡️

Just finished watching #TheDefenders ! I'd give it a solid 8/10.🔥 Really enjoyed all of the characters chemistry throughout the episodes, HIGHLY recommend watching! What did you think of #TheDefenders ? ~ Lopro⚡️

HOLY.🔥 Here's the #Trinity with DC Rebirth looks...and it looks amazing.👊 But which of the three look the best? ~ Lopro⚡️ ( dope artwork by @timetravel_6000v2 )

I'm already pumped for #JusticeLeague2 and we haven't even seen #JusticeLeague1 😂 But who would you really wanna see? #MartianManhunter , #GreenLantern , or #Hawkgirl ? ~ Lopro⚡️

I think I can speak for everyone when I say Groot has gotta be the best Guardian.👊 Which is your favorite Groot? ~ Lopro⚡️

Two Barry's, two universes, and the one single greatest character ever.👏 Which Flash do you like better, #DCTV or #DCEU ? ~ Lopro⚡️

Damn, all three of them with a Power Ring are OP as hell.🔥 But which one would you choose to protect you? ~ Lopro⚡️

Yes, I posted two #RickAndMorty pics, it's my page so sue me.😂 I just love this show too damn much. Do you watch #RickAndMorty ? ~ Lopro⚡️

I'm PUMPED for #BlackPanther in 2018.🔥 And I'm 100% sure that @chadwickboseman is gonna kick ass.👊 ~ Lopro⚡️

I fricken LOVE #RickAndMorty 😍 I just started watching the series 6 days ago and I'm already caught up.😂 Which of these posters is your favorite? ~ Lopro⚡️ ( #PickleRick artwork by @bosslogic )

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