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Happy 1st birthday to “In Between”. @6lack You are one of a kind ✨🖤

tryna get a fix


The pleasures of writing at home in your own cave

Mound by @allisonschulnik

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Hi. When I was younger I used to love writing when I was sick. I thought it made my voice sound different in a soft kind of pretty congested way. I’ve been sick for a week and feeling a little stir crazy so thought I’d share a little morning freestyle.
Im all in love with you ❤️

What do you think are the three most important characteristics to have as a human?

You, woman,
already know
The answer to how wise plants grow
You, full circled
made it so
you navigate right through the snow
You, explorer,
footprints show
You documented every flow
You, fearless
With broken bones
You do not need re-stepping stones.
You, take charge
Fingers and toes
Made every single one let go -B


So beautiful @stephanie.hanes

Thank you @shiseido for such a wonderful night. Honored to be part of this campaign 🖤

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