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Hi. I’m laying in bed feeling so grateful for you guys. Making music makes me feel so powerful and when I watch you all move to it I can feel your power. Thank you for moving to it and dancing with me at shows and singing with me and writing me letters. I read them. -B

Smart little whip
Your words slapped me quick
I couldn’t swallow
The letters would stick
Gimme some water
You got from the river
The one that you fell in
Cuz I pushed you in her
You said “oh chili - you give me a sliver,
I only see half of what you could deliver”
I said “oh Johnny, you silly old boxer,
I gave all that I intended to offer.”
Johnny so mad
And I feel so bad
Wait no i don’t.......
Maybe just a tad?
Nope. No I don’t.
Yes. No I won’t.
I’ll wash my hands of it
Gimme some soap

Wow. Happy birthday to my first album Goddess. What a special day. I haven’t been that active on socials cuz I’m working so hard on the next album. But here’s to my first child 🖤❤️

Happy birthday Waiting Game. One of the first songs I ever released. Thank you to the people who have supported me from the very beginning....and for those of you who are just getting to know me. Can’t wait for you to hear more stories..


booty by b

Check out @SHISEIDO's new Inks collection - weightless formulas that deliver intense pigment with incredible precision. Out now! #beautyreimagined #visiblefeelsinvisible

So excited to reveal that I’m the face of @SHISEIDO's new Inks collection. Tune in for more coming soon! #beautyreimagined #visiblefeelsinvisible

Bye Italy. Back to album mode. Writing writing writing. Can’t wait to write more.


I am not enough
So don’t try to convince me that
I am perfect just as I am.
Read it backwards. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20.

I hope everyone has something in their life that makes them feel tall.

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