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Hermione Berendt 🍋  🏝Brighton 💻Freelance Digital Marketer 💚Food, Feminism & Fair Fashion ✏️Content Creator ✌🏻Co-founder @revival.collective

Sisters who eat together stay together p.s how we came from the same parentals is baffling

Finally treated myself to some glittery @swedishstockings socks from @the_fair_shop y’day - in the gift set (which I bought for myself cause im worth it) you get a super cute gold and silver pair 🤩 these socks are made with recycled yarns from pre and post consumer nylon waste and they have a recycle programme where you can send your socks and tights back to be recycled 💚✌🏻

Yum I love food - raw Jaffa cake and oat milk latte. Delicious and aesthetic... the perfect combo @thelonghousecafe 🌱💚and a lovely catchup with @hummingbirdhawkmoth maker of some gorgeous sustainable jewellery that’s well worth checking out.

Living my best life getting inspired at the Whose Waste Is It Anyway event @tinyboxcompany 💃🏻🌿 and it’s been so great to chat to people about @revival.collective’s blog and events and share some of our favourite brands 💚 #lowimpactmovement #revivalcollective

@photofringe at @phoenix_brighton was awesome! So many cool projects going in this beaut, weird af city!

Had so much fun volunteering for @pier2pierbeachclean beach clean today ✨ Always always so shocked at how much rubbish gets collected every time! Pick up ya litter folks and that include cigarette butts 💚🐠 and thanks @lush for the amaze goodie bag.

Been saving up my coffee grounds and finally got round to making my own coffee scrub ☕️🤩 which I love love love. It’s so simple, you just combine coffee, coconut oil, sugar and a bit of cinnamon p.s I’ve stored it in a repurposed @georganicsuk toothpaste jar and a peanut butter jar (it makes loads) ✨✌🏻

New office 💻

@pollynor’s exhibition at @proteinstudios was so so rad! So excited I got to see her work irl. Defo worth checking out if you’re in London ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Reunited with this lil cutie patootie @emmanorth_ ❤️👯‍♀️

Cause I love pain and I’m too extra for just the one ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks again @_harrymckenzie

Another successfull Anti Sweatshop Swap Shop ✨💖 thank you so much to everyone that came along, took part and donated! You’re all 100% babes 😘 #fashionrevolution #lowimpactmovement

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