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Hermione Berendt 🍋  🏝Brighton 💻Freelance Digital Marketer 💚#food, #feminism & #fashionactivism ✏️Content Creator ✌🏻Co-founder @revival.collective

We wrote a MASSIVE Christmas Gift Guide for anyone that wants to be a woke consumer this year 🤶🏻🤘🏻💚 link is in my bio #consciouschristmas

If you haven’t used solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars yet don’t be scared - they’re awesome and work just as well as bottled products 🛀 This @funkysoap Conditioner Bar that I bought from the @knowtheorigin pop up is the best I’ve tried yet! The shampoo bar is from @lushbrighton which I got free when I volunteered for the @pier2pierbeachclean. Plastic free, vegan and cruelty free 🐰🌿🤘🏻(lush isn’t 100% natural as it contains synthetic glycerine and SLS which I would usually avoid but a free shampoo bar is a free shampoo bar 🤷🏻‍♀️👀)

It’s not often I give myself any damn credit for working my ass off but honestly words cannot express how incredibly PROUD I am of everything my babe 😘 @harrietrosie13 and I have achieved over the last 2 years with @revival.collective! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 We started this little project when we left uni creating a platform to document our journey and the journeys of other young people trying to live more ethically and sustainably ➿learning about the issues and making an inspiring resource for other people to use to help them on their conscious journey too ✊🏻🌿 We’ve held numerous amazing events including Brighton Fashion Revolution and teamed up with some absolute superstar local businesses and creatives to make change HAPPEN 💚✌🏻 All as a side hustle alongside our day jobs 🤓 Check out our blog and beautiful products etc. they’re gr8 ✨✨✨ 📷: @moa_thorneby @tinyboxcompany @vilcinskaitephoto

I can’t believe there was a time in my life where I literally thought I wasn’t allowed to buy loose fruit and vegetables without using one of those crappy little plastic bags 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🍌🍊🥦🍆 Now look at me, holding up the queue not giving a shit like the true eco warrior that I am ✌🏻💚 p.s usually I use produce bags but I forgot them and I also appreciate there is plastic in this shop but you can’t be perfect all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️

This time of year can be hard. Especially if you’re susceptible to anxiety, bouts of depression or SAD. The struggle is well and truly real 😩🌨 ⠀

So yeah, I thought I’d share with you all that I’ve just started using CBD Oil from @brightonbotanicals and am honestly loving it. ⠀

CBD is a natural plant based extract that occurs naturally in hemp flowers. It can help with anxiety, sleep problems and pain. ⠀

Brighton Botanicals CBD oil is sourced from a small family run hemp co-operative in Lithuania and they use organic cold pressed hemp seed oil grown in Sussex as their carrier. They’re passionate about sustainability, fairness and working with nature #plantpower

I wrote a little piece for @brightongirlmag about the infamous 'Brighton Street Style'... with beautiful illustrations from @amyleonardcreative. You can read it on www.brightongirlmag.com.

'We all know about that particular infamous Brighton ‘style’, but what defines is exactly is hard to pin-point . However, one consistent theme that makes Brighton style different is its lack of self-consciousness. In this laid back, idyll on the south coast that’s packed with more creatives and anti-corporates than you can shake a stick at... clothing is about personality and expression more than anything else.⠀

‘Brighton style’ isn’t a set outfit or type of clothing that’s worn by all, instead it can only be described as a way of dressing. Brighton girls are united in their diversity, because one thing this beautiful city allows you to do, is wear whatever you want with a confidence that you definitely wouldn’t feel elsewhere.' Featuring: @wolfandgypsyvintage, @l.o.m_fashion, @babydolclothing, @_jazminge, @lizzy_bishop, @_gigidaniels and @saffyneedham.

REGRAM @revival.collective .

The last couple of years have seen so many brands jump on the ‘feminism’ bandwagon with empowering slogans flooding the shelves. All of this whilst exploiting their female garment workers in the process? ⠀

This is not OK. Fancy a feminist t-shirt that sticks a middle finger up up to injustice 🖕🏻 whilst representing empowerment through paying garment workers fairly and providing them with a safe place to work? ⠀

Look 👀 no further. Our ‘Fashion Is A Feminist Issue’ tee is made ethically in India at a factory that complies with the FWF Code of Labour Practises in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions. This means that employment is freely chosen, there’s no exploitation of Child Labour, payment of a living wage, no excessive working hours and safe and healthy work conditions. ⠀

Buy yours - link in my bio👆🏻 ⠀

📸: @vilcinskaitephoto

Had the cutest time helping @superdoux_brighton on her stall today and running a gingerbread decorating workshop at the Vegan Market @brightonxmasmkt . Her baking is incredible especially her vegan macarons 👅 #veganeats

The @brightonetsy Christmas Market was cute af!!!🎄 Got some gorgeous Christmas gifts from @headblushglitta and @brightonlace. And ofc a Christmas present for myself from @hello_terry_ 😘💚

Love me some independent designers ✨✨✨✨ Boiler Suit @ilkandernie, earrings @hummingbirdhawkmoth, @hello_terry_ and Ruth Beesley ✌🏻

#REPOST @revival.collective We love collaborations 🤝💚For the lookbook for our BRAND NEW T-Shirt and Tote Bag range we chose three badass babes and members of Revival Collective @el.chambre, @feckman and @natie_anwyl to model for us. The photography is all thanks to talented local photographer @vilcinskaitephoto.⠀

To give you some inspo as to how to style our new pieces we teamed them with beautiful garms from @ilkandernie, @the_fair_shop, @vegetarianshoes and @ethletic - beautiful conscious brands that are well worth checking out. ⠀

You can see the full shoot and find a bit more about the ideas behind our designs by hitting the link in our bio ☝️⠀

📷: @vilcinskaitephoto
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We collaborated with the insanely talented @georgiamaelewis, @raquelboira and our very own co-founder @harrietrosie13 to bring you four designs - 'Powered By Plants', 'Fashion Is a Feminist Issue', 'Supporting The Planet' and 'There Is No Planet B'.⠀

Manufactured ethically in India from GOTS certified organic cotton and screen printed by us in Brighton using non-toxic water based dyes.⠀

Fashion can change the world...bag yourself a T-shirt or Tote and let your clothes do the talking 💪💚⠀

Check out the full range on our shop - link in my bio☝️⠀
📷 : @vilcinskaitephoto
#activism #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving #lowimpactmovement #ethicalfashion #brightonblogger #plasticfreeliving #climatechangeisreal #animalactivism #socialactivism #fashionactivism #stopclimatechange #fashionrevolution #craftivism #artasactivism #poweredbyplants #vegan #veganliving #vegantshirt #plantbased #plantbasedliving #plantbasedrevival #organictcotton #sustainabletshirt #ethicaltshirt #ethicalbag #illustrator #revivalcollective

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