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Herman kok  Zarra🌎 engineering🎓 fitness🏋️‍♀️ Snapchat-hermanzo 👌

Pre wedding stress relieve. 😏 #assaultrifle #shotgun

Photo on the left was taking 2014/2015, fat as shit 120kg* , body fat probably over 30%. I was a mess, having suicidal thoughts driving late at night thinking how I could put my bike into a wall. Turned my life around with the help of family friends and Gods grace.
Photo on the right was taken this morning. Fell I love with bodybuilding and getting bigger and stronger. Sitting at 108kg and body fat around 12% leanest I ever been. Did 560kg leg press,150kg bench press and 220kg deadlift, and smashed the 50kg dumbells in the incline for 8 reps all in 45 min tonight.
Cheers for ben at F45 for pushing me last 16 weeks in the cardio. Anyone struggling to loose that extra weight idd recommend hitting F45 for a few weeks.
And also thanks to Dave at snap success for My diet plan and killing me every time I train with him. Hand down best pt I've ever had.
@f45_training_armadale @f45trainingarmadale @snapfitnesssuccess247 #tbh #f45 #f45armadale

108kg and slowly getting leaner even when maccas has 3 for 3$ 🍔 #f45 #f45armadale #snapfitness

After having this machine for 2 years, today was final goodbye. Lots of tyres and money gone, but good memories made.
It might just be a car but I bought it when I lost someone so close to me. Was sad seeing it go but all part of bigger and better things. #growingupsucks #chrysler300 #22orbigger

Last nights bachelors #ktm450

4 years difference. Finally worked my last shift at the pizza shop. Time to Focus on Uni, friends and getting lean again. Time for bigger and better things😇. #5years #pizza

So after working 60+ hours a week last 3 months I decided to buy this. She needs a bit of work but I'll get her over the pits. Zarra is happy cause she gets to drive it as well #rangerover #v8

How the men talk in the house 😂 #husky

10 plates shrugs, didn't go to heavy so I won't jerk the weights. Gotta get bigger and leaner so gym and Uni is priorities😎

When origin is over and there is nothing to look forward to 😪#origin

Origin with my favourites😜#origin

Big smiles cause he loves 🏍 #ktm450

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