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Heritage Fine Crafts  Fine hand crafted items and heirloom furniture made at Homestead Craft Village in Waco, TX

Follow up to the last post, here you see Blake and Joel making the spindles for the back of the white oak windsor chairs they are making for a customer. They are making 8 chairs in this order. They have been on these horses all day and haven’t gone anywhere...or have they?

Blake is carving the seat for one of the eight windsor chairs he and Joel are making for a customer. These chairs are made from white oak logs with bass wood seats.

My oldest son just made this little pine needle basket. Those are slides of walnuts and the center one is inlayed with turquoise. This basket would make a nice a nice place to put your car keys perhaps. 👍🏼👎🏼? Any other ideas?

This slab of mesquite is about 11’ long and will be one of maybe four or five slabs that will make up only half of the 22’ table that Mark is starting for a customer. This table is going to be quite something when it’s finished. We will keep you posted on the progress...

Caleb is working on a knife as you can see. He recently returned from a knife making class Carter Cutlery in Oregon. Caleb plans on starting his new endeavor primarily on kitchen cutlery. We will post some pics of the finished products soon!

Here are a lot of rocking chair parts for the four chairs Mark is making for a customer. These chairs are all going to made from African Mahogany.

Stan is teaching our joinery 2 class where the students will learn how to make this simple dovetail box using hand tools. As many of you know, they will then be able to do a lot with this new skill. It’s a great beginning!

Mark is hard at work building this small end table while teaching our foundation class and helping the students build the same table. 6 days, three joints and a lifetime of opportunity once you take this class.

Caleb and John are working on a custom order and these are Mexican sycamore leaves that will be part of an archway. They are pounding in the veins on the leaves. Be sure to look at all three pics!

This is a student piece made out of curly maple and mahogany. He made this piece for our annual Fair.

Day six of the blanket chest class. Walnut and maple compliment each other well. If you could choose your wood combinations, what would you choose?

This keepsake box that Mark made features half blind needle pin dovetails and its made from paduak and sycamore. Also in the picture are some rustic salt and pepper shakers, all while a blanket chest class is going on!

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