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my ten year high school reunion is this weekend and we are hitting the road today! as i packed the car i was in complete denial but then i remembered i am loading my mini van with a what feels like million and a half things and majority of them are for the three tiny humans i grew in my belly. then the memories of the last ten years really start to flood through. my hubby can't come along because he works through the weekend but he made sure i didn't forget any of our yummy snacks! RITZ Crisp&Thins, an 8pk A&W® in 12oz bottles and TRIDENT Gum Unwrapped! quick, reasonable and a pop of flavor because i don't prefer to drive alone. All purchased from @walmart. ready or not, over the mountains to Gams house we go! you can enter the Sweepstakes at! #AD #RoadTripTreats #pnw #kristlesclarity

not sure if i told you guys already but this last Christmas season i cried in the toy isle while staring at little toy cars. it was like it hit me with a ton of bricks how quickly my boys have grown. and now it's not about what i think they will like, they will tell me! Jameson has always loved playing with cars. he might have gotten it from his uncle who is a big Fast & Furious™ fan, since it came out July 11th - i bet he already has it! Jameson was so surprised to see his new set up, from Fast & Furious's new toy line found at #ad @walmart

because it's been a really odd week so far and my anxiety is through the roof. sometimes i just gotta keep it real.. completely unrelated i wanted to take the opportunity to say that i am so appreciative of everyone's support lately. i am thankful to have found this space, to connect with other women, like minds and even be inspired by those who have open my eyes to other perspectives. i have also been given the chance to work with amazing people and learn new skills over the last few years!
at this point in our life my husband and i are working hard to provide a different kind of life for our boys (just like many of you) and i have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to contribute to our growth and future here while still being home with our boys. which is such a blessing with a husband in the military with such a inconsistent work schedule. with that being said i would like the chance to be a little transparent with you all..
if i post about a product, brand or service it's not just simply because i am paid to. it's because i have taken the time to use/experience it and genuinely love the product/brand. there are times i turn down offers or have had to uncomfortably be honest with a brand when i found that the product was not a good fit for my style or beneficial for my family in our daily life.
i have always had a passion for connecting, serving and supporting others and that is what brought me to where i am now. i will continue to be open and real with you all. i am always here to chat! #kristlesclarity

#ad i am so thankful for our village. the past several days have been busy but so good! my neice stayed over and watched the boys so i could work. they love her so much! we woke up yesterday and had a yummy breakfast outside and enjoy family time together! These cinnamon roll flavored Eggo® Cinna-Toasts™ are a delicious and so fun! They are packed with flavor. Sprinkled with coconut chips and blueberries, who needs syrup! now with no artificial flavors or colors from natural sources. purchased from @walmart #LeggoMyEggo #HearTheNews

taking it back to late afternoon sippin and munchin with my hubby. he has been working a lot lately so i always enjoy when we are able to squeeze in a little alone time together. #ad || the following content is intended for readers who are 21 or older or Msg 4 21+ || we tried Michelada's with @clamato (found it in the juice isle) + our favorite beer! rims are lined with a chilly lime pass and topped with a lime slice. we also grabbed some Fried Chicken at @walmart because it reminds us of our bar going days. don't forget Tuesday, July 12th is Michelada day! #MyMicheladaMatch

thirteen months apart and getting closer every day. their relationship just makes my heart melt. #siblinghoodlove #lennoxnoahgrayson #kingsleydavid #pnw #kristlesclarityphotos

want to know something silly about me? i love my music realllly loud. i never realized just how much i enjoyed that time alone, just listening- being until our family grew and i was at home with the boys more. now when i get a chance to be by myself i will go for a drive or sit in my room with our #googlehome, this little thing can really turn up, ha! #giftfromgoogle @google #kristlesclarity

so happy that our weather has been consistently summer like lately! i am determined to not take a minute of it for granted. this silly shot was taken by my #instagramhusband on the Fourth of July - sipping on my refreshing @drpepper and not trying to choke from him making me laugh. have you noticed the fun #DrPepperPickYourPepper labels?! #ad picked up @krogerco @fredmeyerstores #Kroger. buy any three Dr Pepper 12-ok or 8-ok 12oz and receive a coupon for a free Dr Pepper 20oz.

happy friday! a lot of laundry sorting will be done today. we snagged some new pieces from @target for our master bedroom bathroom! i like to keep things light and neutral because our bathrooms are so darn. while i was there i also stocked up on more Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls because they are the best and with three little boys now using the bathroom we need all the extra squares we can get! #ad #megasummerrefresh

"t-rex tickles mama" - insert heart eye emoji! | there's always something special about summer evenings and ours are even more comfortable with this outdoor couch and table set from @safavieh! #kristlesclarity #safavieh

my baby is changing by the minute. i just want to soak it all up. | lately he's been pointing to his diaper and saying "poo poo" and then takes a bolt to the bathroom. he's tried to go several times now but hasn't quite yet. i find it so interesting that at nearly two his mind is ready but he's still figuring out how it all works. mean while his brother is almost three and has little interest but definitely knows how to control it for the most part, ha! they all are so different and i love it. #lennoxnoahgrayson #kristlesclarity #kristlesclarityphotos

as our long fun weekend comes to a close i am getting our life out back in order. reality will hit tomorrow with my husbands shift change and my new work schedule. but that's not to say we still don't have some fun in the sun planned! boys are in bed and i am starting fresh by using @clinique's #takethedayoff, it is seriously so refreshing! #kristlesclarity #ad #summerfun

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