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HERCULES  I was born blind and I was born to be different not perfect. Life is good πŸΆπŸ’ž DOB: April 12, 2015 🌏 Philippines πŸ“§ herculestheblinddog2015@gmail.com

It was just an ordinary night in April 2015, your Mommy Gaea gave birth to 2 puppies. Your older sister, didn’t make it but you my dear Hercules, you took your first breath in this world. We welcomed you. You stretched your legs, and you opened your mouth to yawn. You were so small and right there and then, I knew that you will occupy a very special place in my heart. At first, your Mommy Gaea didn’t allow me to hold you or even peek at you but when I got a closer look at you I told myself that I need to find a name that will better fit you--- a very strong name. And then I remember, β€œyes, Hercules!” I named you Hercules! Why Hercules? Because Hercules is the son of Zeus, an immortal god, and the mortal named Alcmene. Hercules is the strongest of all mortals according to the Greek mythology, and a great survivor also. Then I noticed that you also have a very β€œdifferent feature”--- your nose. Yours has the shape of a heart. It didn’t occur in me that you are really very special. During the first month, you have difficulty in breathing because you have a cough and a runny nose. I was so worried that I thought it would greatly affect you, because summer is coming. We brought you to the doctor and she told me that there is nothing to worry about. I felt the assurance.She even told me that you were blind, for it has been more than a month that you have not opened your eyes. But despite all of these, I told myself that I will be your β€œeyes” in this world. I assured myself that you will survive every life’s adventure and God you to me, to love, to hug, to cuddle and to cherish. Yet you survived, my dear Hercules. A few months later, you had diarrhea. It was an outbreak of the Parvo Virus. Hundreds of furbabies did not make it due to this illness. I was crying when I knew that you acquired its symptoms. I felt that my world became small. I was still crying so hard, that I cannot bear seeing you die at an early age. But miracles do happen. You were already lying in a small table. Merely breathing. (continuation of the story is in comment section)
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Look! I have big muscles on my legs πŸ’ͺ so I can stand like this. πŸ’ͺ Yey!

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