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HERCULES  I was born blind and I was born to be different not perfect. Life is good πŸΆπŸ’ž DOB: April 12, 2015 🌏 Philippines πŸ“§ herculestheblinddog2015@gmail.com


This is Hercules.
Hercules is charming and handsome.
Hercules was born with no eyes and two noses. Hercules is strong enough to survive.
As a fur mom of hercules, I always give my attention to him. I became his eyes and his physical differences is not a hindrance to enjoy life's happiness.
We always love having a good old cuddle session, because hercules has a cuddly personality.
He also love having a relaxing massage, specially behind the ears, on the neck, on his back and anywhere that seems to make him feel good.
We found each other became best buddies, we spend time together because the best thing you can do to bond with your furbabies is really to spend quality time with them.
and by that hercules made me realize that despite of his physical differences he can be happy too.I will never give up on him. Me, my family and paw friends will strengthen his willingness to survive in his daily journey of life. We will face all of life's difficulties together hand in hand. #buddyPHturns1

Yummy Yummy πŸ˜‹

With my Friend Audi 🐢🐢 @admiral214

This is my mommy sheena, she took really good care of me for she knew of my special needs. She gave me lots of vitamins to boost up my immune system, and then she gave me tons and tons of love. That’s why I am really proud of my Mom Sheena. she even told me that I am the happiness of her life. my mom sheena was diagnosed of bacterial meningitis that is why I became her ears and she became my eyes all the times. I love you so much mommy. dont worry mommy If ever that time comes when your hearing will be gone, always remember that you have Hercules to hear everything for you as you will be my eyes also. And that is a great tandem. Happy Mothers Day.
this is my entry to the #lovemommyandme2017 contest. I am from Laguna.

you feed me when I'm hungry, you keep water on my dish, you let me sleep on anything or any place I wish. you sometimes let me lick your hand, or even I lick your face, despite the fact I've licked myself in every private place. you taught me how to come when called and you taught me how to sit. you always have my loyalty, up to the bitter end, because after all, its plain to see..I love you so much mommy. Happy Mother's Day!
This is my entry to the #LoveMommyandMe2017 contest. I am from Laguna.

Yay! I got love letter from my mommy. βœ‰πŸ“„πŸΆ swipe to see more 🐢

Celebrating all pets and encouraging everyone to adopt. There are so many neglected and unwanted animals waiting for some love and attention. You can donate your time, food and supplies. Every little bit helps. If you don't already own a pet, what a better time to adopt one? Please always keep in our mind the good phrase "ADOPT, DON'T SHOP".

yeah I look good πŸ˜‰ thank you @tweetiegolden 😘 I love my new bandana πŸ’“

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