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Herc's Nutrition-Red Deer  WE ARE HERE @ Timberlands Market 🤘🏼 Locally owned+operated 🙋🏻. ☎️Ring us @ 403-986-5570. 👻Snapchat: hercs_rd


Today, I’m working on HUGE things at Herc’s Nutrition.
We’ve got upcoming SALES, expanding our inventory with NEW products, LISTENING to our customers to bring in what YOU want. Keeping things on the downlow for now, but we will launch it all ASAP.🤐
🙌🏼NEW Protein powders in flavors that will make your mouth water, which means NEW FLAVORS TO ADD TO OUR SHAKE BAR.
😅I know there are a lot of you that think you’ve tried all the Herc’s shake flavors but I’m sorry to break the news. You will never be able to try them all because we will continually add new ones. 😊

♦️Gluten free ♦️NO MSG ♦️GROUND FRESH ♦️Low SODIUM
Thank you @flavorgod for this cute apron I can wear during meal prep Sundays!
I can't possibly name all the flavours but let's just say there are over 20 flavours! 😮

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A huge shout out to these two beauties. Working hard everyday to achieve their dreams. We are sending love to ALL our local competitors who are competing in the next several weeks. Southerns, Provincials or Nationals. Let's get it Red Deer. Bring those trophies home !
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Team cardio!! Provincials and nationals here we come!!! Me and this babe crushing dreams!!!
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It is very windy today but CRAVER Shakers just came back in stock ! 😊🍕🍩🎂🍦 ! Stay dry my friends we've got a fantastic week of weather ahead of us.

@djd.fit came for a visit after the @npaasport show in Calgary! 😍 Thank you for stopping by! 🍩🍩 Donut Shakers for the win !
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I think this may have been the nicest May Long we've seen in awhile ! 😍☀️ We are open today from 11A.M. to 6 P.M. Come grab your supplements and a Herc's shake while your here!

What is up for grabs this round?
1️⃣Magnum T-shirt
2️⃣Magnum's brand spankin’ NEW Shaker Cup
3️⃣Their UNREAL G-SPRING SLEEP AID and GH support in ONE.
🔷I kid you not, this is THE best sleep aid I’ve tried to date. I’m taking about the drooling on your pillow kind of deep sleep. NOT only are you getting a deeper sleep, but G-SPRING is formulated to increase your resting Growth Hormone levels while you sleep! TRAIN HARDER, RECOVER BETTER.
☑️ AND INCLUDE YOUR FAVOURITE HERC’S SHAKE FLAVOR. If you’ve never had a Herc’s Shake then…well…That is super unfortunate. You can name your favorite Protein Powder!
☑️That’ll get you an entry to WIN! Ask us IN STORE about how to get additional entries for this PRIZE.

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After we closed last night we went to enjoy some of the beautiful sights in Sylvan Lake. Hope your all having a wonderful weekend! Just a quick reminder we are open tomorrow from 11A.M. - 6 P.M. 😊 !

On a hot day like today, take your DIABLO fat burner, shake it and pour it on ice! 🍹 DELICIOUS beverage and
FAT = 😭 GOOD BYE ! PINK LEMONADE fat burner ? 🙏🏼 ✔️ SATURDAY SHENANIGANS ! Tag us in your photos because we want to see what y'all are up to on this beautiful SATURDAY.

🤗 Thank you for the shout out. We will support your new addiction.
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I've found my new addiction, thanks to @hercs_rd. After a 14k bike ride, I figured i would give their "milkshakes" a try. And damn. I'm so glad I did! So tasty! Everyone needs to try these.

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Hours for the long weekend! We are open our regular hours and for Monday we are open 11 A.M. - 6 P.M !

HAPPY FRIYAY AND LONG WEEKEND. For those who are taking off camping, don't forget to grab some healthy protein bars and Party Smart! You can enjoy a protein snack while being hang over free because you took a Party Smart the night before! 🙌🏼🤓 It seriously works. Trust me, we have several testimonials that this product "saved their life" 😂 STAY SAFE. HAVE FUN. For those who are staying in the city, we are OPEN! And what a beautiful weekend for Herc's Shakes to take for a walk, to sylvan or for any occasion. GET YOUR BUTTS OUTSIDE ! 🍑
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