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Alicia Marie 


Finally landed in the Amazon... Time to sign out and check- in....Thank you to all of you in my life that have supported me in answering this inner calling. It's not always easy making big changes in our perception or approach to life but it's always worth it. When spirit calls, answer.... The more we answer to that inner voice the more we will be guided. Change is among us. The time is now and it's crucial...
“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned.. so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Our aerial yoga studio @ Lotus Gate. Hawaii ❤️ couldn't ask for a more perfect space to hold this retreat. May the the magic unfold. 🙏🏻

In this time of accelerated growth, it sure feels like more happens in a shorter amount of time.
Whether it’s the impending eclipse, mercury in retrograde or the daily political craziness, we experience more in the external world and consequently also in the internal world. I feel this is happening so we can experience our own accelerated growth. We are being confronted with our fears and shadows because they are, in fact, our greatest teachers. To gloss over the real deep feelings you’re having at this very moment, would be to rob your self of the greatest gifts of your life. I do believe that we carry the gifts and the wounds of our linage. These do not exist in order to give us free reign to blame and fall victim to our circumstances, but rather to invite us to heal. Most of us have had this sense that we carry a purpose far beyond our daily lives. I feel that calling is unity consciousness. It is the beckoning to live beyond the dualistic thinking we’re seeing, the us vs. them that dominates the media… But how do we find that? By healing, and by examining the patterns that we find our selves repeating. Each situation is dependent upon our interpretation of events. We must examine how we create the same outcome over and over, by treating others or situations as if it was going to be that same of familiar scenario in a new set of clothes. The evolution of humanity depends on each of us healing the karmic ties that keep history repeating itself…..
Ho’oponopono prayer
I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank You, I love you <3

“Synchronicity is the language of Existence. God communicates with you through the ‘mysterious coincidences’ of life, which are the signs that reveal the next step to be taken in your evolutionary journey.

What has fueled me as performer is the ability to translate the inner reality in the outer form. #AliciaMarie #herbodywisdom #lib #lucentdossierexperience

Freedom does not lie in the perfect line; it's what lives in between. @ Metamorphosis 1pm Wednesday

Teaching Monday 12pm and Wednesday 1pm @ http://www.mindbodyandpole.net/

Teaching Wednesday 1pm@ Metamorphosis studio in Los Angeles. #devotionaldance #LowflyingAerialHammock

Beginner Aerial Dance choreo. Every Wednesday @1pm Metamorphosis, Studio city. Come Play!

Teaching Wednesday @2pm. Come loves 💕your whole body will love you for it.

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