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S I L J E ❕❕  i love cOdy hes my sunshine hes so cute with his lil boopable nose ++ hES VERY LOVING N CARING!! 🌙☁️

i wanna start a lil project but i don't know if anyone is gonna join n i'm scared i will embarass myself if i do 😪☔️
bUt i think i'm gonna make myself a coastal scents palette for my birthday!! 🐛🌙💖

very quick edit!! i have to pull an all nighter because cody is coming back when 'it's dark' aka 4 am in norway,,,,, i hate timezones so much ++ i never get to talk to cool people from america!!! 😪☁️

this is how i see him, like a cute lil kitty!! 💓🐱

i love cody ++ yOU!! 🐛💖🌙

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