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Catherine Connors  Project Maverick (coming soon). LA / Wonder Valley


Choose your horizon. #earthday

'People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy to have such things about us' - Iris Murdoch. (A desert is a kind of planet without flowers, most of the time. Until it suddenly explodes into bloom and you do, yes, go a little mad with joy, because look, look. Look at their perfect, impossible beauty. Look at how they fill the world with their absurdly brilliant color. I already miss them. They're still here, and I already miss them.)

I tell her that she doesn't know how much I love her, and she insists that I'm wrong. But I'm not. She doesn't know because she can't know. The reach is too vast, the depth too deep. It's unmeasurable, and so unknowable. She tells me she knows because she loves me the same. But she doesn't. She can't. She loves me with her whole heart, but her heart still has so much growing to do. This is the almost-unbearable beauty of parenthood, for me - loving this person more than she can understand, knowing that she may never understand, hoping that she someday will.

A desert sunset can light a table in ways that no chandelier could ever match.

"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." --Theodore Roethke

We don't go to the beach as often as we used to (the surfboards and SUP board have seen more of the pool than the Pacific in the last year or so), but we still hold its blue in our hearts. #tbt

Counting the hours until we get back to big sky and wildflowers.

What living with these two badgers looks like, some of the time. #nationalsiblingday #throwback

Fly, girl. #bemaverick

Two roads diverged in the sand and Jasper... Jasper took neither, choosing to gaze into the untraveled distance, plotting a path where no road exists. And that will make all the difference. #latergram

In love with the sky and the air and the rocks and the life of the Mojave from the very first. #throwback

#tbt to a time when our lives were full of lakes and canoes, rather than deserts and jackrabbits. (And diapers and princess tees, rather than skate shoes and dirtbike helmets. Time, you fly too fast.) #ohmyheart

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