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Catherine Connors  Project Maverick (coming soon). LA / Wonder Valley


The Love Song.

Zen. #tbt

Catch the wind.

If you reach for the edges of life - if you chase them and embrace them and do handstands where you find them - you risk falling over. You risk skinned knees and broken bones and cracked hearts and worse. Falling hurts. But if you never reach you never know what it feels like to balance between the possible and the impossible. To hang there, in those moments of yes, at once outside of time and so deeply within it that you feel your heart clock each millisecond. That's something. That's really, really something. .
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This place.

We put up these posters (thanks, Facebook) for our party, all over @sidgolds from the bar to the bathrooms. Be The Nerd. Change The World. Make Things. And it was all true and awesome and good and by the time the night was done and we were flush with success there was still this: Be The Nerd. Because yes. Always. (I was truly a nerd. I said a lot of three syllable words into a microphone and sang - - tried to sing - with the amazing maverick @jillsobule and then drank three glasses of wine. I WAS the nerd. No apologies.)

Headed east to Boston/Cambridge and then NYC for what is looking to be the kind of awesome week in which you joyously scale walls and leap buildings and turn the world into your playground. Cannot wait. #playhard #likeagirl

Public gymnastics demo in Little Tokyo, complete with JennaBomb. #takeupspace #likeagirl @_gymnast1000 @jennaelfman

I spent the last few days in Houston as a guest of the NFL, delivering a keynote at the NFL Women's Summit and then attending the Super Bowl. And everything about it was epic, of course (in my heart the Falcons won; let me have that), and wonderfully exhausting, but the best part wasn't standing on a stage or getting to go to the actual Super Bowl and screaming my lungs out and getting my game on (the Falcons WON IN MY HEART). It was all the girls at the Summit, huddled in, hearts open, claiming every bit of the experience and making it their own. There was no space there for discouragement or disappointment or disempowerment. It was all hope. Powerful, productive hope. There may still be some dark in the horizon, but it will no match for their blazing light. No match at all. (Thanks @womenssportsfoundation for the photo!)

Keep Calm and Look At Old Baby Pictures

"Love art in yourself." Stanislavski

Emilia made her theatrical debut tonight, as the noted thespian Reginald in her school's production of The Tortoise Versus The Hare. Not your mama's Aesop - more of a meditation on diversity, acceptance and friendship. Which I chose to read as one long theatrical subtweet aimed at a certain political administration, because I needed to. (It was awesome. She is awesome. This was joy.)