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Flowering cactus defy everything you thought you felt about flowers. Every impulse to touch or to grab, every urge to press your face to the blossoms and inhale... every response to their beauty, you must contain and control. Except looking. You can look. You can marvel at the silken glow of their petals. You can position your camera just so to capture the way they that reflect the light. But that's all. It's beauty at a forced remove. It's beauty you can't grab or control or claim for yourself. It's beauty that you have to stand back from. It's beauty that forces you to take a beat and recognize the distance between you and it and the things in between. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Playing with new iPhone camera and it's hard to tell how much better the camera really is when the model is just so breathtaking.

If you look closely, you can see Kyle and the kids way down there on the dune. I was barely a quarter of the way up this particular hill when I took this shot - I stopped to look back, to see if I could see them, but the wildflowers were so thick that I had to climb a little bit above them to see back down to the dune and the kids. And to be honest, once the blooms were in the frame I became entirely distracted by them and spent a good ten minutes taking pictures of the bright bushes of desert marigold set against the cobalt sky and mostly forgot about my sand sprites below. But of the dozens of photos I took from this vantage - frames filled to the edges with bright yellow blossoms - it was the few that held the tiny specks of family that I pulled out and lingered over. Even though you can barely even see them - they're there, tiny against the vast sweep of the world, enormous upon the landscape of my heart.

flowers know the goal of living is to grow. (apologies to E. E. Cummings)

Desert lilies at sunset are okay, I guess.

Nature's first green is gold.

Might as well jump.

Stop and smell the flowers.

As dawn goes down to day / Nothing gold can stay (Robert Frost)

He stole the boots from the back of the closet and declared them his own. They're a few sizes too big, but, he says, he doesn't care. The My Little Pony pants are common property (I'm told); the light saber is his. As is the style, the flair, the spirit, the will to be himself and only himself and never, ever anyone else's idea of who he might or could or should be. I love this boy so much there will never be enough words.

'The Amen of nature is always a flower' -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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