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I don't know when this happened...when I fall for myself.
The person posing in the picture, I wonder is this truly me... The wiser and happier me... I love more deeply these day,
I love everything around me,
I care, I empathize, I feel,
I accomplish small tasks,
I'm stronger than the one I used to be even a moment ago and I'm feeling it from inside.
I hope for the best, I work for it too.
I'm into God, He is the only constant.
Everything is finally falling into places, I appreciate myself for not giving up on me. I love myself a bit more every following day, I celebrate the being I am, I understand myself much better now,
I'm trailing my own way...
I'm exploring myself,
I'm growing constantly
And I'm loving it.
Strong and still...!!!

How true is that time flies in a blink...it feels like it was yesterday only when all of them were tagged as mine... It feels like it was last night when I entered into 2018 with a bunch of people believing to live forever with them and this is 2019 knocking my door when nobody is there but I'm so full with myself.
I thought I could hardly look at 2018 because this year has taught me so many lessons which I would never go through if under my will... But here I'm, so courageous to talk about 2018 and all of them and yet feeling nothing...no sorrow, so grief, no grudges, no love... nothing but a thank as these ones made me so empty to fill all of me with myself.
I'm thankful of each one of them who gave me chance to discover who am I as an individual, you know what, I love the being I am... And I'll work on myself to not to dwell on this better version of "Me" but to discover the best of it.
So here's a very goodbye to the ones who deserve it from my side. I wish you all the success and glory. And a big hi to 2019 and to the ones who are going to enter into my life to help me growing.
At the end,
Wishing everyone a very happy new year from...
@her_heart__tales ...
come on life, here I am, strong and still, bring it on...!!! #her_heart__tales

The day I left I knew that my love now can be about anyone else but definitely it'll never beat for you.
That's why I took time to leave because I know my heart and its commitments.

After sometime,
Who left you, whom you left...
Who changed, who done wrong to you, why things happened this way, what else could you do to make things go right, where you couldn't be enough, where you could offer more, and so on... these shits
truly don't matter.
But the feeling of choosing them over yourself,
Prioritize them before yourself in the priority list,
Giving them more than you can.
Pouring all the love and warmth in the hearts which were not made for your love.
Hearts which never cared, never appreciated, never understood your beats.
After a curve of time,
Only regret left behind is risking yourself for others who were masked to look like they deserve you.
The only regret left with you after all the process is the wasted time which will never come back and the invested piece of heart which came back bitter and broken...
But the only thing you can do at the end of the day is to forgive yourself and bounce back with a bang.
To love yourself more every following day and move on with your way.
Stand strong, stay still... truth is you only need yourself.
Artwork:) @ottokim

It's just a matter of time but only if you allow yourself to heal, to breathe, to understand self worth and work on the purpose for which you are here.

Life is alot more than to stucked on the moments, life is moving and it will keep on to moving on.
You have to face things and you have to take responsibility of your inner peace.
You are going to succeed.
You will watch them leaving,
You will collect your pieces and if needed, you will discover some new ones too.
Eventually, you will work on yourself, with yourself,
and then
You will become indestructible, soon.
Very soon or no matter if it takes a little longer.
Hold on,
Take time,
Keep moving on.
Trust me,
You are going to succeed.
Strong and still...
@her_heart__tales .
Artwork :) @ltg.art

I still remember moments when I used to do nothing more than to breathe and let them passed away.
Other days,
I used to think where I went wrong,
why people changed their sides.
It took me time to come to the conclusion that anyhow,
things will change constantly and consistently. No matter what you do and how you do it.
And more will come, alot will leave,
It's just a beginning you must learn how to keep going.
I survived, I learned,
I grew into a new me,
A new me... Better than ever and the best is yet to come.
I am, a work in progress.
I am, courageous enough to loose a piece of myself in people I meet and claim all of me...
everytime I need.
Strong and still... @her_heart__tales .
Artwork by:) @sandra.cumplido

I never knew that I'll become so free. So fearless, so stronger, so patient, so optimistic. I didn't have a clue about this transformation. I never had a thought that I alone can be so much sufficient for myself.
Once upon a time,
I thought this is the end. In this way, I've lost myself and ultimately I lost everything I have.
I was drowning in the regrets of getting myself so much involved into things which never truly belonged to me. I've wasted a big amount of energy in people whom I never thought will get vanished with time.
But the day they changed and left,
I cried my heart out. I was taking all bullets on heart and it was bleeding heavily. At moment I felt so hollow, like nothing left inside, my heart was so empty, so miserable to have anything else than myself. It was a self healing process now. Now, I knew I'm the only one for myself and I can heal, can smile, can laugh till my stomach ache, can explore places, can work on my dreams, can work on myself...and gradually
now, this is Me who is so self content to get bother with anyone's presence or absence. I love fearlessly and it is impossible to touch my inner peace. This is how I turned out to be after all shits.This is what I'm, a warrior me.
Stand and still... @her_heart__tales
It's all about you.
Be patient,
Your time will come,
You will spread your wings.
You will fly so high,
Without a fear of falling for
Now you know,
You can fly after any fall.
Now, you know yourself.

We often give people more space in us than they deserve...
We often think much about "ifs" before we do anything.
We often restrict ourselves envy without touching the boundaries.
Is this how life works? Is this even living?
Life is all about adventures, it is all about expansion of success followed by satisfaction.
It is taking the roads you have never been before. It is in climbing the mountain you want to see sunset and sunrise from. It is in crossing a river you gotta think if you could ever cross. Life is living out of the box. Pushing boundaries each moment. Making memories and learning lessons. And at the last, yes move on. Life, it is your way which only you have to trail. It is your story to tell, it is much more than mere existing. It is all about living, exploring, growing within self and out of ordinary way.
Write your own tale, make it the beautiful most, pen down your heart. You have so much more inside than you think. Keep digging your soul. Keep trailing your way.

No matter how many times I break down in one moment... You will always see me smiling in the next one.
That's the courage I talk about.
That's the strength.
Strong and still... @her_heart__tales

Poetry keeps things alive which are no more.

Me to myself.

Yes, I left my heart in the past, the heart that wasn't ready to love me over its lost love.

And the heart that hold my hand in my thins,the heart which have chosen only me, this heart that I have now is more mature. It knows when to love and when to be stronger and let go. It knows self worth. It knows how to move on.
Yes, it will love...but this time it won't break...nothing can make a crack on it as it has shielded itself with a self love.

There's nothing left in the past to keep checking on...I've changed, moved on.

Changes are been made to give a life its flow. So, make it simple.
Flow with the flow, flow with dignity.
Trust on the Supreme and let him be the driving force.

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