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Muskan Thakur  :)Trailing own way...@her_heart__tales :)"Her heart tells you, #her_heart__tales " :)#warrior heart,loves hard. :)Here's my work,repost with credits😊

I don't know,
If I'm the only one who misses
each and every day of being at home.
Time when birds wake up my home with a fresh air and twitter...
When sun visits home with a new ray of hope of everything will be fine sooner or later.
When lights go dim and dimmer with a moonlight to take us in the dreamland of our own.

I don't know,
If I'm the only one who misses mamma's lullaby and her scolds.

I don't know,
If I'm the only one who misses the scent of home.
The windows and curtains which are having all the tales of moon and love.

I don't know,
Why I'm far away from my place,
for it itself.
Why I'm too far to see my loved ones,
just for getting an ever lasting smiles on their faces, yes, for that curves.

I don't know,
Why I'm too far from my place,
for having a lifetime with them.
I don't know,
If only I miss home in this way.
Artwork by :) @pascalcampionart

We could hold each other and make our love our last love.
Love was mine...only
It was never ours,
Now I realised,
It was never ours to
remain so called
"Our last love".
Artwork by :) @sandra.cumplido

I was at a war against the universe for our love...and for once...It seemed like,
I won.
But, actually
I lost it,
the moment I saw you fighting with yourself to even stay.
Amazing artwork by :) @sandra.cumplido

Love- a universe in itself...!!!
A feeling of being a whole.
@her_heart__tales .
Incredible artwork by:) @sandra.cumplido 😍

In love,
My heart got entangled into yours.
In separation,
it was too difficult to unwind its roots that,
I had to loose it,
along with you. ...
Artwork by :) @muhammedsalah_ 👏

Holding onto you
was the only thing
I would love to do
till eternity.

I realised that
you needed
to be released.
Artwork by :) @sandra.cumplido

I think,
you didn't realise
or may be you ignored " Our"presence.
But yes,
was there,
watching you leaving...
Us. &
"Our" Goodbye... You never said it,
I didn't mean.
@her_heart__tales ...
Illustration by:) @kim.rose.art

Nothing can break this invincible soul...
Because this warrior heart...
It never quits...
It keeps breathing.
@her_heart__tales ...
Strong and still
#her_heart__tales ...
Picture source:) @shilparpoetry

&what happened to that beat,
Which my heart used to skip for you...
Is it alive,does it beat anymore???
Will you be able to return it back?
That beat completes my heart.
Some damages can never be repaired.
Artwork by:) @sandra.cumplido 😍

Exquisite. ..!!!
Love is so deeply sited in my veins that I can spell love only...
Blessing or a curse???

With your lies,
You showed me a door to exit.
With your ditch,
I took a step out.
That day...
I promised myself never to take this turn ever again,
This turn...
Where I safely kept our "us",
And moved on.
Don't look back, that's not your way.
Strong and still...
#her_heart__tales .
PC:) @anjali.mahamune16 thanks for this shot darlo😄

With such a warrior heart and mind,
Nothing and noone can take away 'grace' from her side.
@her_heart__tales ...!!!
Strong and still...!!!
#her_heart__tales ...!!!

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