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anja arianna  amateur self taught artist | 17 | I am divine | hiatus still ):

Metallica πŸ¦‹ lmfao I had fun coloring this sketch of one of my oldest but most favorite OCs ever. She's my fav but I hardly draw her

My style has changed a bit since I last posted but when does it not change LOL

Hiatus will soon be over ❀️ I only have 6 days left of school, only half of which are full days and then I'll be free to draw and finish the last commissions! I miss this account so much

Hey ,, guys. Ok. First of all, I know there's three people who have already paid me waiting on a commission. The DMs got lost and I can't find you guys so if you see this please dm me cause I need to talk to you!! Ok. Now, I have to take an official hiatus from my art account.. reasons being school is ending in a matter of weeks and if you guys have been following what's been up on my personal account you'll know I'm having some issues and I've been in and out of the doctors office like never before, causing me to miss school and get distracted. I'm really falling behind and I just have no time for drawing right now so yeah. I will still be posting on my personal account @anjad0ll with just selfies and updates about my own life lol if any of you care to know about that but yeah yeah yeah I'm really sorry. I know when summer comes around I'll be posting more because things will just fall into place and I'll have more time to draw. )):

MMMMMA sorry I didn't have time to formally draw it on my computer I was too excited but yes (((:

WIP bc I hadn't had time to draw as per usual, mainly just been on my personal account lately but the love and support on there has been amazing. Thank you. πŸ’•

πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ truly I am thinking about it. ((Swipe left to read tiny comic)) I am so not good at this LMFAO

Sooooo if anyone knows me they know ever since I made Till my blonde shit head boy a few years ago, u will know I draw him every year for Easter. But this year I decided to draw his big sis and big bro. ((: Lobelia and Hans !! Although it's awkward that I'm so late on Easter LMAO edit: wHAT THE FUCK IS EVEN GOING ON OMGGGG it's just ,,,,, a fucking heart I didn't even,,, wtf THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A HAPPY EASTER DRAWING AND I DONT EVEN LIKE EASTER LOL

I was in the mood to drawing a lanky body for some reason? LOL and it just makes that small boot so much more weird looking. I might finish it digitally so just excuse it for now

I actually drew something decent while on the plane home (: edit: I just realized how retarded the cat looks.

I luv cancer omg

I randomly woke up in the middle of the night so I drew this supa fast

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