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MMMMMA sorry I didn't have time to formally draw it on my computer I was too excited but yes (((:

WIP bc I hadn't had time to draw as per usual, mainly just been on my personal account lately but the love and support on there has been amazing. Thank you. πŸ’•

πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ truly I am thinking about it. ((Swipe left to read tiny comic)) I am so not good at this LMFAO

Sooooo if anyone knows me they know ever since I made Till my blonde shit head boy a few years ago, u will know I draw him every year for Easter. But this year I decided to draw his big sis and big bro. ((: Lobelia and Hans !! Although it's awkward that I'm so late on Easter LMAO edit: wHAT THE FUCK IS EVEN GOING ON OMGGGG it's just ,,,,, a fucking heart I didn't even,,, wtf THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A HAPPY EASTER DRAWING AND I DONT EVEN LIKE EASTER LOL

I was in the mood to drawing a lanky body for some reason? LOL and it just makes that small boot so much more weird looking. I might finish it digitally so just excuse it for now

I actually drew something decent while on the plane home (: edit: I just realized how retarded the cat looks.

I luv cancer omg

I randomly woke up in the middle of the night so I drew this supa fast

Since I'm in New Jersey til next Sunday obviously there won't be any digital art until after then! But I did bring my sketchbook to doodle on my free time

I'm in such a great point in my life atm. I'm surrounded by great people and have so many trips and other events to look forward to, I feel like I'm getting my digital art groove back and it feels amazing

@melvnin totally makes me think of X-Men omg im sorry I love it

Found this vid of Edgar's voice claim !! It makes me happy

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