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Henry Jamison  on tour now

Smiles of a Summer Night

mein fraun ist upsidedaun

European tour w @wdsnblck and @rosiecarney is on. We’re driving from Bern to Zurich and I’m dressed like an analyst. Tickets for all shows in bio.

This is a photo I took in Manchester, England last fall. It’s of a PlayStation ad built into the side of Manchester Cathedral. I thought of it again just now because I’m on my way to London today and I’ve been reading some stuff that makes this image appear even more tragicomic than it did when I took it.
It goes like this: at the Second Council of Nicaea in the year 787, Church Fathers heard arguments for and against a lifting of the prohibition on the image. The danger of having the human face represented in painting was that it would diminish the true, face-to-face human encounter. A certain John of Damascus made a convincing argument for the use of icons (those little golden paintings of Saints), saying that they served as portals to the sacred. The prohibition was lifted and the image became a teaching tool within the Church. Over the centuries, innovation in painting led to increased representation of space (perspective) and a sophisticated geometry was thereby lifted out of the concrete and into the abstract. This created the “virtual”, i.e. conceptual, homogeneous space that we see most clearly in video games. In many ways, I feel that the US is to Europe as the billboard is to Manchester Cathedral: a logical extension. Driving all around the US, the most striking thing is that it’s all the same; the chain stores are built in the image of virtual, empty space: they are essentially 3D-printed. And the freeways have made ghost towns.
So when people congratulate me on going to Europe, I thank them, because it’s an amazing opportunity, not only for my career or as a lark, but as a way of slowly gathering how we came to be mired in folly. The “old world” is preserved there, but the new one is encroaching. It was built there, prototypically, after all.
For what it’s worth, I think that the lifting of the prohibition on the image was a *fine* thing; we don’t need more dogma, that would only serve to delay our apparent need to grapple with all of our powers. We may not need external dogma but an inner imperative to look up from these little portals into the virtual 📱 and into each other’s eyes 👀, before we look like the guy in that PlayStation ad.

Tour with @darlingside has come and gone, for now. It hardly felt like work. Resting up in Vermont and thinking about the Palm House. Photo by @adfreed, Conservatory rec by @nattyjamison. ••• “...the palm tree, whose leaves allow us to see foreground and background at the same time, connecting earth and sky.
What the palm tree does naturally with the leaves of its crown we have to learn to do intentionally out of our own inner engagement.
It is the attempt to always go back and forth between the seen and the unseen.” - Gisela Wielki

Back with The Darlings
@darlingside photo: @sarahkaymartin

14 shows added to my tour supporting Haux including Copenhagen, Milan and 12 U.S. cities. Tickets are already on sale and moving quickly. Link in bio. 💐

My Spotify Singles are now live! I did a version of “Real Peach” and a folk song from the French Resistance that Leonard Cohen popularized, “The Partisan”. I had help from the lovely @francescablanchard on vocals and the peachy @petermpearson on cello. Thanks to @spotify for having me! Link in bio.

Hometown show tonight in Burlington at @highergroundmusic with @carolinerosemuzak. Last one of the run and then it’s bedtime. This has been a very good time with the beauts in her band and mine.


In DC to meet up with these people (@carolinerosemuzak), who have way more energy than anyone I know 😯. I’m wearing a red hat and have had some strong coffee. *Shows are sold out or are very close to selling out FYI*

Goodbye @darlingside I love you. We’ll see you in mid-April. I have a break through my birthday, then next day we start up with @carolinerosemuzak in DC. Here are those dates (there was a typo on my tour poster - Boston *is* happening): 3/31 Songbyrd // Washington DC
4/3 Rough Trade // NYC
4/4 Great Scott // Boston
4/5 Johnny Brendas // Philadelphia
4/6 Cafe Nine // New Haven, CT
4/7 Higher Ground // Burlington, VT

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