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Moustachioed Frog

I was working while working then I remembered I had this moustache

Kal practising his hero pose

Hi Everyone! I'm back!
As you can see, I'm here in beautiful Paris. Far more beautiful than I remember in fact. So much so that its been inspiring me to get out and about and do as much running as possible. Which is a good thing because the Durrell Challenge is just around the corner. How're you all doing with your running?

These past few days have been very busy with travel to new destinations for my next job. What seemed like an impossible task was made into less of a mission by my constant companion.

Just patrolled Vegas with one Batman to return to Winnipeg to patrol with another

I like a good challenge. Like hanging from a moving plane...or balancing from a cliff by my fingertips...or scaling a skyscraper. I guess I’ll just have to get my practice in and join the fun for the next Mission Impossible. Thanks for the invite, @ChristopherMcQuarrie. #MissionImpossible #MI6

Stepped into my trailer for lunch break and found this work of art! Thank you so much to the two little legends, Piper and Zack! I will treasure this. I'm not entirely sure how you managed to get past my Akita but it is marvelous all the same. The important thing to note here is that Batman doesn't get this kind of stuff

Since I came off the ol knee injury I've been steadily increasing my training work load. I know it's irritating when people say this but it genuinely does feel so good to be back in it. I'm not destroying myself every day. Just working towards improvement by pushing hard enough to elicit change. Nothing funny to post here, it's deadly serious because I've got to make sure that I'm bigger than Green Lantern....Wait whaaat?

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