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henry dixon 🔥  ux is the same as ui @small.lebowski

my dog snapped this candid on me. idk how but it came out pretty good i think @small.lebowski

new places old friends

jewish family i used to walk by on the way from class, on beeler street, less than a mile from the Tree of Life synagogue. i’ve always liked this photo because of the intimate human family dynamics that are clear in this snapshot, but this picture is more important to me now

trying this new thing called exploring #hillsnthrills 🙌

where’s waldo (white sweatshirt) 🕵️‍♂️

god bless nice public libraries #justreadeveryday #bpl

this series of photos is a perfect representation of our relationship #
this was right after i caught him running away down the road and he was all muddy so unfun to hold

did you know boston has more dunkin’ donuts stores than people? #realfacts #fax

I don’t think you can truly appreciate a place until you leave it................ and go to pittsburgh for 4 years because apparently they have a computer school there


my mom makes nilla wear a raincoat on rainy walks. it’s looks kind of silly. that said, without that edm-looking velcro cover, she gets wet and needs to be dried w an literal industrial hairdryer for 1-2 hours (not hyperbole). anyways she doesn’t seem to mind it so 🤷‍♀️

boston in the fall >>>

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