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When you wake up missing baby @laurakubrusly but not the cold.

It’s black and white cause I am still red, but it’s gonna be golden tomorrow trust me

Just in case you forgot how I look like

Media calls it the “Kathua Rape Case”. It took me three days to fully “digest” the local news I read in a magazine before boarding at the airport in India this week. Reading it made me not just sick in the stomach but made me also research and try to understand a little bit more of the politics and religion situation of India right now. So here is what happened: Two nomad Muslim and Hindu “tribes” fight for land in the countryside of India. An eight-year-old muslim girl goes missing. For the next six days she was kept in a Hindu Temple, where she was drugged, gang raped, raped several other times, tortured and eventually strangled to death. The girl’s rape and murder was planned in order to send a message to the nomad Muslim community, a sign that they are not welcome in the area. Eight Hindu men are accused of the rape and murder of the girl. The reaction- A protest in support of the rape offenders with posters saying “If the accused men aren’t released, we will burn ourselves.’’ Men, women, kids, police and government authorities were part of this protest in the support of the rapists. A few days later the minister responsible for the case said “ We shouldn't be giving so much attention to this minor case.” The “minor” case of an eight-year-old being drugged, raped, tortured and murdered. The Kathua Rape is not just about India, it is about a worldwide culture of rape. We blame society but we are society. We promote rapes. Law, Punishment, Mass anger, protests can do nothing if a mindset is not changed. We are accepting rape as a minor case. We are including ourselves with those Hindus protesting for the release of the rapists... so how many more girls will have to be sacrificed in order for us to understand where the real problem is?

The other side of the Taj.

This one is dedicated to all the “Gents” who travel to Southeast Asian countries or really just anywhere and like to get “treated” by local women. This one is for all the Gents who support sexual tourism and prostitution. This one is for all the Gents who find pleasure in a “Happy Ending Massage” but have no idea where the hands of the woman touching them is coming from. Well, let me introduce you a few woman I met. Bhumi, kidnapped at the age 9 from her family. Sold as a virgin at the age 11 and has been working since then. She still wonders if her family is looking for her. Most prostitutes start or are kidnapped at the age 13-14. Tanvi, started at 14. Two years ago she went to the Hospital for the first time in life, did some exams and discovered she had Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B and Chlamydia. If a customer doesn't want to use protection it is his decision, “We don’t get to choose”. She hasn't stopped working since. Almost all of these girls have never been tested for STDS and most of them don't even know such thing exists. Alia, was a daughter of a prostitute and started working with her mother at the age 14. By the age 18 she had been raped by her “father” twice and had went through 13 abortions. Young girls get abortions in their own house, or the street. Being pregnant as a prostitute is not good news for any PIMP, so sometimes the abortion procedure is made by him, beating up. Aabha, started in night clubs in Thailand when she was 17 years-old. If you have ever been to Thailand you probably have seen posters or people trying to get you in a “Ping Pong Show”, which is women putting, removing and doing unusual things with their vaginas for tourist entertainment. Aabha was one the performers but the backstage of these shows aren't as funny as it may sound. She would have to practice with knifes, live fish, melons, ropes and go through daily torture. She ended up in the streets of India where she was raped by a group of 17 men.  Kieu, was kidnapped with her sister. Her sister rebelled and was killed beaten up with a chair. Five women from the 27 millions slaves in the world. I hope all the Gents remember where these women are coming from.

A few hours were enough to achieve the goal of helping 3 organizations here in India to buy toys for the kids. 275 toys and books were bought for the education of these kids that had nothing more than a few pieces of lego, this duck teddy bear and two broken cars. Because so many people donated and helped sharing, it was not only possible to just buy the toys and materials, but also 3 water filters that will be installed for these kids to drink clean filtered water. It was also possible to donate a monthly supply of materials for an Organization that gives assistance to women rescued from Sexual Traffic learn a new skill so they are prepared to find a new job in the future. Thank you for helping these people that have absolutely nothing more than infinite love to give back to you. Thank you for everyone that shared, sent beautiful messages and donated for these kids. Because of you, they are protected from the life on the streets. Because of you, they have a chance to try and be whatever they want to in the future. Like my great friend Mother Teresa of Calcutta would say: “If you can't feed a million people, then feed just one.” Thank you for feeding 120 kids education and giving them the chance of having a proper childhood away from child labor.

(LINK IN BIO) If you didn’t endure my hour long stories talking... here’s what’s up- A lot of you might know that I have been in India for a few weeks volunteering, and I have been getting a lot of messages from everyone wanting to help... so this is how you can help- 27 kids come every early morning to a small room in the Red district of Kolkata while their mothers are working in the sex industry in one of the poorest areas in India. The class provides a safe shelter for them so they don't have to stay wandering in the streets alone. The kids ages vary from 1-5 years old. They are learning the numbers, letters, shapes, colors and other basic bengali and english subjects, but when homework, story time and dance time is over and there is still 4 hours left inside the classroom, the 27 kids have to share/fight for a box of blocks, two broken cars, a ripped teddy bear and some old coloring books. This fundraising has the purpose of buying these kids proper toys for their age and toys that will help them in their learning process. Toys can be bought at a very low cost, so absolutely any donation from 1$-10$ will be extremely helpful. If we can collect around 300$ it will be enough to supply this class with toys. If we can collect 600$ we will be able to help another boys and girls shelter where the kids are abandoned from the ages 5-17 to buy board games and other school/education supplies. If we can collect 1000$ we will be able to help another night shelter that protects the kids from the streets while their mothers work all night.

Those classic rave pictures.

This is Beauti. She is 4 years old and is part of the kids I take care everyday here in Kolkata. As a tourist or just a foreign in India you’re not supposed to drink tap water, or even just brush your teeth with it, since the water here is extremely contaminated with chemicals and bacterias. I carry my 2 liter filtered water everywhere I go. Yesterday when I walked into class, Beauty as always ran into my legs and started climbing them. When she saw my water bottle, and saw that I was ready to open it to drink, she asked for a sip. She took a small sip and looked at me with the biggest eyes, opened her mouth and said “woooooooow”. Right after that she went to all the other kids and told them about how good that water was, so they all started making a line to try the magical water. Mineral water.

You can probably feel how hot it is

Pahi was born and raised in Bangladesh. The oldest daughter in a family of nine. Pahi never went to school or had any education. Her mother worked in the sex industry all day and night since the father had passed away and there was no other option left other than prostitution for a widow mother of eight young kids. When Pahi was 13 years old, that time in life when you’re supposed to be going to school and playing in the park with your friends, her mother sold her for the price of 120$ (USD) to a factory in western Bangladesh. “It was the only way she could keep the family alive, and they promised a house and food for me. So she sold me for our good” Said Pahi. You know, those factories that use child labor to sell fashion around the world so that people like me and you can buy it for a cheap price. But Pahi never went to a clothing factory. She was scammed and sold to a man who she got married to, at the age 13. But this man didn’t want to get married to Pahi because he loved her or because he was lonely. This man bought her because he needed someone to traffic drugs inside her body from Bangladesh to India. Pahi would swallow drugs involved in condoms in the size of a grape. Have you ever tried swallowing a grape? Maybe 70? If any of these “drug balls” exploded inside of her, she would die instantly of overdose. That was her purpose. When she was 15 years old her “husband” got caught and she was left alone homeless in the streets. Her only option was to follow her mother footprints and work in the sex industry till this day. When I took Pahi’s picture I showed it to her and said “Look how beautiful you are Pahi!”. She looked at me and said: “ This no Pahi anymore, Pahi died 13”.

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